IF Presidency Should Be Mandotary

In political circles, the term president refers to the head of state of a nation or country. There are many roles played by many presidents depending on the powers vested in the office of the presidency depending on a given country's constitution and other laws that may be in existence within the given country. The main role of a president in many countries is that of being the head of state. In this capacity, the president is supposed to be an inspiration to the people of the land; they oversee celebration of national holidays and other important functions. In some countries, a king or constitutional monarch plays this role.


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I hold the view that presidency should be made mandatory. This is because the office holds such important functions that cannot be distributed between different institutional or constitutional offices since some of the decisions made may be in contradiction to each other. Secondly, it is important that one person is held responsible for his decisions while in office. This not only allows for effectiveness and efficiency in discharging of office duties but it also allows for presidents to be judicial and fair to all within the land while discharging his duties.

In many countries, the office of the president is elective based on universal suffrage. Thus, potential candidates present themselves to the electorate who later decide among the candidates who is the best chief executive for the nation. This means that elected leaders must meet their campaign promises if they do not want to lose favor in the public eye and lose their jobs. This is another factor that makes me advocate for mandatory presidency in all countries.    

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As the chief executive, the president appoints qualified personnel to head key offices in the legislative branch. This allows for smooth running of the government affairs. The president also acts as the country's chief democrat. The president should negotiate for policies and relations that are beneficial to the citizens of his country to the international community. In respect to this, the president should always advocate for peace but still make it known that he is willing to defend his citizens by all means necessary if they are threatened by other actors within the international community.

In many countries, the president is also the commander-in chief of the armed forces. This gives him the power to declare peace or war at any time given the situation the country finds itself. This is a very important yet sensitive function of the presidency. Thus, it is necessary for the presidency to be mandatory so that at any one time the country knows the character of the person given this important task of declaring war. If it were not mandatory, the country would always be kept in ransom since the citizens do not know who to make such an announcement in times of crisis or war.

With these points, it is clear that the office of the president should be made mandatory. However, there are people who hold the view that it should be not. Among the reasons why they argue this is that the security and esteem given to the office holder has made it possible for many presidents to become dictators. In addition they also point that money and not qualification has led to election of popular leaders who have no grasps with the economics of the given country or nation.

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Despite which point of view one chooses it is important to evaluate carefully the benefits and disadvantages associated with a mandatory presidency based on historical and cultural backgrounds. If the culture of a certain population/country were not in favor of mandatory presidency then it would be best not to dictate such an action on the citizens since it might bring out civil war.

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