Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America

Tocqueville wrote his article with a title of "Democracy in America" in the year 1835. In this article, he praised and appreciated the democratic ethics epitomized by the American new world. Tocqueville was against the in individualism and this made him to give a stern warning to on the dangers of this character. The only solution he gave to this character was forming of civic associations that could combine people and this could bring unity and self concern for oneself and others. The spirit which he was trying to create was thaw of brotherhood as everyone could be his or her brother's keeper.

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As per his own perception, democracy was just like an equation balanced by liberty and equality of an individual and even to the entire community or society. He also warned in this article a drastic social consensus will eventually lead into a societal isolation as no one could care about another person's affair. Not to forget are self liberty and government intrusion that were also likely to be affected by the situation if an ideal solution was not found to deal with or curb the situation at hand.

Tocqueville, who is the writer of this article, believed that a combination or associations would bind the people of America together to a scheme of both brotherhood and nationhood. It is further criticized in this article that self-interest was likely to lead one nowhere but to a big bump of trouble. According to his opinion, women in America received better treatment that could allow them freely fight for their rights and enjoy the fruits of economical achievement of development. The role women played in America as a state was very good and needed some bit of appreciation. Tocqueville also describes the influence on the fight on civilization expansion as a factor that leads to a depreciation of the Indian economic status, making their living standards to be high and as a result of this drastic fall in economy, lives of Indians become miserable.

This fall inversely proportional to that of the American economy, as the Indians economy falls or depreciates, Americans stand to benefit due to the economic stability. Economic pressure in these regions leads to forced immigration with an intension of finding solutions to these problems. The results of this immigration are subsequent wars as other Native American's land are taken or grabbed and those forced to migrate as a result of this event undergo deep suffering that make their lives miserable (Tocqueville, 2000).

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The lands are taken by people who have some unusual human characters as they do not have even a single bit or feeling for humanity. These new possessors receive and utilize those possessions with both hostility and some bit of jealousy. Tocqueville further says that those new inhabitants or possessors are evil and should be added or put to a class of intense punishment or kind of torture that is irretrievable as they are dangerous to the society. He also believe in the doom of the Indians claiming that by the time Americas get to the shows of the Pacific Ocean, the whole of the Indian empire or race, would be to extinction.

The main question pegged on this extinction act is, what can assimilation and espousal of civilization in today's world do? Tocqueville bases some of his arguments and explanation from this point or question. He also takes or gets a clue on in relation to his own personal notion toward cultural anthropology that sums up all his perspectives. As per his perception, he has thinking that assimilation of blacks is some how a difficult and an impossible process that already led to demonstration in the northern states.

Tocqueville gives his prediction in this article that the blacks would have and other races would only escape oppression or tyranny if the war against segregation is worn and the population realizes its reality. The blacks in this case are in the fight against segregation. This is so because in America, races are categorized differently depending on the race type and complexion.

The writer's perception here is that it is only the white Americans who enjoy the fruit of power and freedom from any abstraction from their duties. The blacks are categorized differently from other races such as Indians. This gives both the two races feel some kind of humiliation as they do not receive the same treatment as the Native Americans. Indians or other races that have somehow a white complexion are categorized to be in the middle class as they almost resemble the whites (Tocqueville, 2000).

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The Africans on the other hand are categorized or put in the bottom class as there is no close resemblance between them and the whites. This makes life more complicated for them and are therefore subjected to humiliations and other sorts of discrimination. As per the perception of Tocqueville, all races are equal and should be categorized in the same class. There should also be prevalence of equality in every duty done by the races considering and having some feeling of humanity. The writer further gives a story that tend to explain the dealings and all the humiliations that the black and other different races undergo to in every kind of duty they participate in.

Tocqueville is against this kind of humiliation and this makes him to issue a warning to protect other races from humiliations and segregations. He also insists on the spirit of brotherhood saying that this will contribute largely to the rise in American economy. It can therefore be concluded that Tocqueville is against the American spirit toward other races and this article therefore gives a warning to those who fall victims of the same situation or act.

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