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Becoming an Informed Voter. Custom Becoming an Informed Voter Essay Writing Service || Becoming an Informed Voter Essay samples, help

Analyze the background of one of Texas's current congressional districts and the U.S. Representative

The representative's house is called the peoples body and no one became a member of house through appointment or any other means other than through elections by the people. Because of the connections by voters which were close the house was given authority by the constitution to for originating all bills and levy taxes also spending the government money (James, 1988). The representatives were to serve for two years and each state having one representative while the larger states were divided into districts and the lines redrawn every tens according to the recent federal census. The house has the authority or power in determining any of the disrupted election then expel member by two thirds votes from the house (James, 1988).

In leadership and partnership representatives generally are less independent of the party leaders unlike senators thus voting as leadership directs. While senators deal with the state wide constituencies on the needs and opinions, developing more outlooks on the issues the representatives often focus on their home district (Bruce, 1983). The house representatives serve fewer committees and tend to becoming specialists in few areas whereas senators with most of committee assignments became the generalists. The house mostly favors majority through its rules in that the senate rules give greater leeway to the individual members whether in minority or majority (Bruce, 1983).

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Analyze the political background of Texas and one of the current U.S. Senators

When Texas is looked upon, the complexity and diversity of the modern Texas we discover that any of the single quality list that is labeled Texan may be overly static, partial and not applicable to everyone in state and even it might be internally contradicted (David and Mathew, 2002). It is one of the homes of diverse population with millions of people across the territory with a very broad variety of the racial and ethnic backgrounds, a very significant variation in regional and activities with economic interests (David and Mathew, 2002).

The diversity that is found in Texas was discovered through the joint resolution of U.S. Annexing congress in Texas that was passed in 1845. It did not allow the states to exceed four or it could be formed outside Texas territory forming a total of five states. There was politics of slavery politics prior civil war and the diversity in the states economic interests. The influence in the U.S. Senate was possible to expand and general political offices expansion that contributed to recurrence in division's proposals in the late 1930s.

A complex interplay diverse institutional, historical, geographical, economical and social force has redefined how Texas people think of themselves. To be a Texan it meant being alternately independent, individualist, rugged, simple, doggedly determined, straight forward and proud. With any understanding of politics the state is incompete without attempt in examining interplay of the forces which shape the Texan view on themselves (Brandy, 1970).

You may choose which senator! Using information from Almanac of American Politics or Politics in America, and Project Vote Smart at, you will write an essay with two parts. The first part will deal with your congressional district and congressman and the second will deal with your state and senator

What is the political history of your district and state?

It is the sixth congressional district which has enjoyed long and colorful past. During the 1870 census the congressional district was drawn as part of reapportionment congressional. It is the most popular state following California represented by 32 members of U.S. house. In the 134 year history, Texas has changed independently while the country changed in different ways. It has become a microcosm of state that encompasses rural, urban elements and suburban. It is the first field with oil near Corsicana.

How have they voted in recent presidential and congressional elections?

The presidential and congressional elections have been fair and every representative competing to be one of the members to represent the district had to present his or her policies. The people are main key in deciding their representative in the house and in Texas it was done through voting. The presidential votes were for the democrats which dominated the elections while the representative member votes went for the republicans (Kansas, 1973). The congressional district of Texas has in many ways achieved their goals through ensuring that they choose a representative who will solve their issue. The achievement of Texas as a district is through the leaders they choose and by doing it they carefully elect a representative with better policies to govern them.

In order to win an election you must have pretty good organization especially when you are contending an incumbent. Money also played a big role in the elections whereby fundraising for primaries and general are two different (Kansas, 1973). Each and every republican had to donate to the republican nominee even if it means holding their noses while doing it.

Can your district or state be considered to be leaning Republican or leaning Democratic?

Texas has been known mostly with republicans than democrats. According to the voting process that is experienced in our district, the republicans carry the day. Many of the voters in the congressional district are bound to a disease called racial discrimination and ethnical parts. The republicans are mostly whites while democrats are immigrants from Africa. This makes the Texas to vote according to there races (Kansas, 1973). Also it is a very strong base of republicans since George Bush used the party to win elections both in Texas and the whole nation. Republicans had roots which allowed it to sail over democrat meaning that people leaneed on republicans more than democrats.

Are the parties relatively even or does one party dominate the elections

The parties differ in that they have policies which allow them to gain popularity individually. The parties with policies which favor the people of the district most of the time dominate in election while those with undefined policies with nothing to impress the people do not gain popularity thus letting one party e.g. republican to dominate (Brandy, 1970).

Does your district have a long tradition of supporting one party or has it been changing in recent years? · 

In Texas congressional district there has been a tendency of supporting one party due to majority in numbers. But most recently it is changing in that the members or representatives are elected or supported according to the way they perform. Also the policies of a certain party contribute mostly on the way they are elected such that when a party listens and acts towards the issues raised or brought forward by the people (Brandy, 1970).

How did your representative and senator come to power? ·

Our representative came to power through campaigning in the whole district and involving all the people by listening to them and promising to abide to the set rules which will govern him in milting their queries (Bowling, 1992). In addition to that the representative ensured that through his party republican, he managed to win most votes from the people who voted only for republicans.

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How do the interest groups (ADA, ACLU, ACU, and CC) rate your representative and senator?

My representative and senator according to groups is ranked as most liberal and most conservative because of the high partisan degree in polarization that is currently present in Texas house. Furthermore the Houston representatives are spread across Lib-Cons spectrum and some house most liberal members are from the area of Houston (Bowling, 1992).

Based on these ratings would you classify your representative and senator as conservative or liberal?

I consider my senator is considered conservative in that he tends to lean republican but the reverse is true of being liberal. Also the media has reverted to conservative and liberal whether democrat or republican (Bowling, 1992).  There is distinct differences yet the public is presented with consistent and that is either or more extreme.


In conclusion the informed voter is the voter who understands all the fundamentals in voting and how to vote. Also when voting an informed voter express voters right not to be intimidated or tricked in voting in a wrong way. Lastly through the provisions of the laws of the state or country the informed voter confidently practice what the law requires from him by choosing the right person to represent the state or district (Brandy, 1970).

Becoming an Informed Voter. Custom Becoming an Informed Voter Essay Writing Service || Becoming an Informed Voter Essay samples, help

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