Administration and Politics Dichotomy

According to (Rabin & Bowman, 1984) the study of public administration as written by Woodrow Wilson has attracted a big debate over years prompting research on the public administration issue. He wrote on four concept of the administration. The first one was about separation of politics and administration. This evolved to politics-administration dichotomy theory. The theory shows that the politics and administration are somehow separate and there is hierarchy distinction between them. It states that politics is about policy making while the administration is about formulating the best method using special knowledge and skills to enforce the policy formed. The administration ensures that the translation of policies is done to the best as required and this is best done using the bureaucratic process. The politics set the task for administration but according to Wilson, they should interfere nor manipulate the administration offices.

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The second concept that Wilson brought about was comparative analysis of the political and private organizations. This shows the comparison of both bodies and how they can coexist together. He also shows how the efficiency can be improved with business like practices and attitude toward daily operations. He also brought about the issue of improving effectiveness of public services by training the civil servant (Rabin & Bowman, 1984). This was all meant to form a distinction between the administration and the politics in the way they should operate better without interference.

According to Goodnow 2003, the politics and administration are inseparable in my opinion as they are mutually dependent of each other but they can work as independent bodies but in the same sphere. The administration requires the politics to come up with rules and thus they enforce it. It is very important for them to work hand in hand with each other as they eventually have the same goal, to help the country grow to higher heights.

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To show how both the administration and politics can work in my opinion mutually with each other but enjoying independence, the following was put into consideration. The first one is the neutral competence. This is where; the person involved in working for the government does it without personal interest. This is where the government work is done according to the set standards. People should separate work with other obligations and loyalties from any political influence. This enables both divide to work independently though in the same sphere. In a place where the administration is guided by competence, hierarchy and neutrality make it to isolate them from political influences (Goodnow, 2003).

The second aspect is expertise. The public administrators are expert and have knowledge and skill about a certain issue. They are capable of dissecting the policies made by the politics and make them into usable tool using their expertise. The administrators are professional who have desire to portray their expertise as they show their competence provided they are not interfered with by politics. With expertise, the formulating of the policy made can be done with a lot of ease. This helps minimize the influence of the politics to administration.

The third one is neutrality. The administration should be neutral and non-partisan to any political party. Though this has been very hard, with good code of conduct and rules it can happen. This will enhance the independent of both politics and administration. With regard to the above concepts, the administration and politics can be separated with each having a distinct function. Nevertheless, they will always work under the same sphere and in collaboration with each other for them to attain a specific goal.

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The advantages of using the Wilson dichotomy is because it helps to show the checks and balances that is maintained. With the separation of power in each divide, it is very simple to introduce checks and balances on each. The dichotomy helps in the comparison of the politics and the administration organizations. This is by explaining how the distinction can be employed. The dichotomy of Woodrow Wilson gives a base also to begin the research of administration and politics in the present world. It also helps in division of labor. The dichotomy shows how the administrators can protect themselves by promoting ethics from political intrusion (Goodnow, 2003).

The disadvantage of the dichotomy is that it do not explain how both are completely separate but otherwise intertwine them so much. It also talks more on bureaucratic method, which may not work in the current world.

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