Philosophy and Economy

The relationship between the United States government and the people has been changing gradually since the end of the civil war. Government’s involvement in the lives of American citizens has been on the rise. Here, then, are some examples of the US government’s involvement in the lives of Americans.

  1. Reconstruction era

This was the period immediately after the civil war. After the civil war economic structures were nonexistent. To prevent a political and economic meltdown, heavy government involvement was paramount. Direct cash injections into the business world were necessary. America was divided socially, politically and economically, and there was a need to reunite the whole country.

  1. The triangle fire of 2011 and child labor between 1908 and 1911

More than 200 Americans lost their lives during protests at Triangle Shirtwaist Company. The situation made the government realize the poor working conditions. The government of the United States had to intervene to ensure that workers were well taken care by their employees. These workers were poor immigrants. Child labor was on the rise and the government still had to intervene. This was during the progressive era.

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  1. The Great Depression

The economy of a country is the determinant of the success of that country. A growing economy calls for minimum government intervention. Market forces should be the sole determinant of a company’s economy. But what happens when market forces weaken the economy? Such a scenario calls for government intervention to avert the scenario. After the 1930 economic meltdown, businesses and banks closed down. It went in history as the longest economic meltdown. Government had to intervene to stabilize the economy.

  1. Racial era.

Majority of Americans are either white or black. Color racism was prevalent all through the 20th century. However, it is during the mid-20th century that the oppressed blacks started actively fighting for their rights. The black community’s mistreatment was both social and economic. The government in a bid to ensure equality had to intervene. This is what gave rise to the civil rights era.

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