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The views and claims of Martin are in every way justified. Blacks have suffered for many years at the hands of the whites. We are all children of God, whichever color we are. In the eyes of the Lord, we are all the same and equal. If we are equal in the eyes of the Lord, why should we not be equal in the eyes of humans? Apart from this, the constitution should recognize all its citizens equally. No citizen should have a favor in the eyes of the law (Oppenheimer 791).

The timing of the protests was spot on. Firstly, the protests did not interfere with those going to work. This is because it was a holiday, and hence most people were at home. Secondly, blacks are human beings, with a mouth, face, stomach, chin, etc. just like a white. It was a high time that they got out of their bondage and lived freely in America.  Thirdly, there is no better time to get the attention of the people than when people are focusing on one common thing, this one being Jesus. There is a justification in the sense that the protests drove the point home (Oppenheimer 799).

Luther is far from being a lawbreaker. Although he finds himself behind bars, his cause is a worthy cause. Breaking a non-existent law is not breaking the law. This is because, in essence, there is no law to be broken if it does not exist. It is also idealistic that Martin did not take any side in the war. Although the two black groups were fighting for a common cause, their tactics were different. Martin’s support for either side would only serve to create a rift between the black communities. This would undermine their fight against the whites (Oppenheimer 803). The blacks needed unity between them, if they were ever going to succeed. 

If the church does not support the community in its quest, it is only logical that the community tries to use church in its quest. This is what Luther does by choosing the Easter holiday as the time for the protests. The church can serve to unify or destroy a people. There should be unity in the church, as all are worshipping God. The failure of the white church to support the blacks can only separate the church, a legal sin in the eyes of the Lord (Oppenheimer 815).

Those who continuously obey unjustified laws are fools. If you are not a fool legally, then do not follow a law that seems unethical to you, unless there are proceedings aiming at changing such a law. There should be an amendment of the laws of a nation in accordance with the current time and current issues. The reluctance of the whites to amend the laws is a clear indicator of their racist nature. A public figure like Martin influences dozens and dozens of people. Such is a man of the people, not a man of a select few (Oppenheimer 822). This is why Martin has to be impartial in this quest and not support any warring group. 

Martin’s views and opinions are a fruitful food for the brain. We should all sit and ponder on the relevance of laws in a country. It is crucial that citizens follow the laws of the nation to the latter. However, policy and lawmakers should ensure that the laws of the land are not only just, but also relevant to the needs and lives of the public. The church should be at the front in fighting social injustices in the society (Oppenheimer 832). The American church let the black community down, something that should not happen in the future. A country needs a charismatic and a noble character, if he or she is to guide the country.

King’s Claims. Custom King’s Claims Essay Writing Service || King’s Claims Essay samples, help

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