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Order now offers a professional editing service for academic work. We edit essay papers, dissertations, prospectuses, proposals and all other types of academic work in their entirety or in part. Our online service, which includes a proofreading service and a formatting service, covers editing in a range of academic styles including APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA and Turabian. We are also fully knowledgeable in many university-specific styles, such as those required by the Universities of Argosy, Capella, Northcentral, Nova Southeastern, Phoenix, TUI, Walden, to name just some. The price tags at are relatively cheap in comparison to many of our online market rivals. Our essay turnaround time is extremely fast, with custom work completed in, typically, around three to four days.


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Editing Service Samples

We offer work samples on our website to demonstrate the quality of our editing service. We have divided these into four stages: (1) the original document, (2) an edited document highlighting the problematic areas with an explanation of why they are problematic, (3) a “Track Changes” document version showing the edited changes and (4) a final, clean custom document, ready for use.

Our Editing Service: We Can Handle any Writing Style

The editorial team at has unrivalled expertise in the APA formatting style as well as in Chicago, Harvard, MLA and Turabian. We take pride in our ability to edit in any style and within the regulations of any university. Even if there are unusual occurrences of our editors not being familiar with the editing style of a particular establishment, they will go out of their way to become familiar with it before applying it. 

We also understand that students of online educational establishments face some unique challenges. Such students are required to have their work approved by both a professor and a format review specialist. And, because the format required by online universities differs a little in nature from APA, it is essential you buy editing and formatting service from someone who is familiar with these unique requirements.

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Quick Editing and Profreading Service

Our experienced editorial team are graduated from many prestigious universities and are well qualified to check for errors in flow, grammar, diction, syntax and formatting. Despite that, the price structure for our editing is fair and we continually aim to keep our custom services as cheap as is reasonably possible.

In contrast to many of our competitors, we go well beyond the mere polishing of documents. We provide commentary on the manner in which a document is constructed, organized, presented and on the study methods used. Our turnaround time is also much faster with a lengthy dissertation often taking as little as three to four days.

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Real Help in Organizing Citations

Assembling the reference section is often one of the hardest aspects of producing an academic paper, so our annotated bibliography writing abilities come in very useful here. Different ordering systems and punctuation rules apply to different types of reference styles and they depend on individual university regulations.

We thoroughly check every reference to ensure it complies with your specified style and we correct any anomalies. We frequently refer to the online and physical versions of the Brown University library, as well as several other databases and renowned journals, to help students with citation. Some of the databases we refer to include Blackwell Synergy, EbscoHost, JSTOR, ProQuest, Questia and ScienceDirect, to name just some. These enables us to help students fill in any missing details such as volume numbers, place of publication and so on. We also help students organize their bibliography citations using systems such as RefWorks, EndNote, etc. So, if you are about to buy editing services for your academic papers, it is worth remembering that we have significant expertise in citation and annotated bibliography writing.

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We Guarantee Strict Confidentiality

We know how important clients' confidentiality is so we provide all customers with an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) as part of their contract with us. This guarantees that none of your work or any information about you will be shared with any third party. Your contract with our editing service is undertaken in the strictest of confidence.


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