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I believe that the approach employed in any class is very crucial to the final outcome. In most instances, precision and privy understanding is the key to the success in any educational endeavor. Throughout the learning period, I have learnt numerous lessons regarding what is required to ensure that one succeeds in the long run. Good listening is a key player in the whole process. The learning process has been a success and I believe that some of the major contributors include my fellow students, teachers, and the conducive environment provided by the institution. This reflective paper is basically an instrumental in unearthing what I have gone through in the past.        

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All I learnt was aimed at ensuring that when given an opportunity, I can develop a piece that is clear and everyone understands. In fact, every area must have its own challenges. It was a challenge looking for information, though, I managed to think about numerous that I found so interesting and I believed that it would interest others too.

The reason why I chose this discipline of ESL as one of the ways to improve my ESL skills I also found the discipline remarkably interesting and thought I could share with my audience. For example, it has always been my pleasure to explore new ideas and ensure that the learning process is successful. I am very fortunate to realize my potentials in numerous fields. In fact, challenges are all over and I must say it was a trying moment to me since I had to endure some difficulties in the process. Nonetheless, I was sure that I had the challenge of ensuring that everyone understood what I was talking about when in the guise of what I chose in the first place. In addition, I was very sure to ensure that my paper was not long for my readers to get bored before completing reading. These are some more essential areas that need much attention to ensure that the learning process is good for all. Most importantly, it was my pleasure to ensure that my teacher was happy with the paper and I used simple language and formality it called for.

In addition, there are numerous examples of speeches in history. Some of them I have listed hereunder:

a)      “Kennedy Inauguration,” this was a speck given by John F. Kennedy in 1961 to give his supporters and those in opposition a word of thanks. This speech is important since if gives the students insight on how to appreciate others from what they have done.

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b)      Martin Luther King – “I Have a Dream Speech,” this speck is vital for student since it is full of symbolism and is likely to help students improve their oratory skills.

c)      Goerge VI – The King to His People, the uses this speech that portrays his as a talented orator. This is a speech that is filled with numerous literary styles that are vital for students. Watching this speech helps students to understand how to incorporate literary stylistic devices in their speeches.

d)      Sir Winston Churchil Speech, “We Shall Fight to……” this is a speech that is used to encourage fighting troops and warning the opponents. Through this speech, a student is able to learn on how to use speeches in sending certain messages.

e)      Charles De Gaulle Speech after the liberation, this speech is to send the message that people can go through tough times to be liberated. Students are able to use this speech to improve their oratory skills.

f)       Ben Affleck and Matt Damon speech after winning an Oscar award. A moving speech that also offers insight to students on thanksgiving. Through the determination of the two, they are capable of achieving their long dreams.

g)      Condoleezza Rice Speech - Republican National Convention. This is a rhetoric speech that students can learn so much about since it shows how women can also deliver a moving speech. It is likely to help students improve their skills in speech writing.

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h)      Mary Fisher Speech - A Whisper of AIDS. An educative speech that helps the student improves on how to use speech to educate people.

i)        Mother Teresa Speech - Nobel Lecture Speech. An appreciation speech.

j)        Hillary Clinton Speech - Women's Rights are Human Rights. Enlightening speech that is moving and provides the listeners and students with information that is important in addressing or tackling human rights issues.    

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