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Barrack Obama Acceptance Speech

The main purpose of President Barak Obama, when delivering his speech in November 2008, was to pass his appreciation for being nominated for presidency. In terms of analysis, the audience addressed by President Barak Obama comprised mainly of the American citizens including the candidates who supported him through this journey of presidency. Moreover, the audience present in the speech constituted mixed demographic features including children and the elderly. Furthermore, the external audiences were also engaged through mass media.

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The speech was delivered during the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colo. At the beginning, Barak Obama acknowledged the presence of distinguished individuals such as Dean and Dick Durbin. Barak Obama used strong language with clear intent to open the speech. Furthermore, Obama introduced his speech using a flashback of a past story. While delivering the speech, Barak Obama was enthusiastic and his message reached the audience clearly. For instance, he paused and gave the audience time to finish applauding before he continued with the next punch line. President Barak Obama was keen to select words that enabled him to deliver persuading message to the audience. Similarly, the president used appropriate language that was understood by majority of the audience to deliver the speech. This is because the language used was the national language of USA and almost all of the audiences were Americans. The theme of the occasion was suitable since it reflected the issues to be addressed by Obama’s government.

Basically, the speech delivered by President Obama attained its purpose which was to accept and to appreciate the nomination for presidency of USA. His closing statement can be described as memorable. President Barak Obama used words that any audience could remember. On this note, the conclusion of the speech delivered by President Obama was in line with the main function of a speech. Generally, the speech structure was logical and very impressive. 

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