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Speech Presentation at the Graduation Award Ceremony. Custom Speech Presentation at the Graduation Award Ceremony Essay Writing Service || Speech Presentation at the Graduation Award Ceremony Essay samples, help

Your Majesties, Administration, Family, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good evening (Consider local time)

I should appreciate what this great day brings in our lives, the culture of (alternatively give the school name) our school and the imminent prosperity accorded to this ceremony as we mark this graduation day. It is with utmost pleasure and humility to stand before you in honoring the exceptional performance that each member amid us has sustained that has seen our school come this fur.

We know and we respect that the class of 2011 is much honored that on behalf of each one of us, I am compelled to state that many honors accorded to our class are well deserved. Not only has the class been able to contribute a staggering two thousand dollars ($2000) to our affectionate and close brothers and sisters of the 2014 class, as a team, we stood out extraordinarily in lending our hand towards the sustenance of the children’s hospital; a move that will see thousands of our youngsters access medical services. This is highly appreciated considering the smoldering expenses attributed to acquisition of health care as the economic meltdown bites.

Time bestowed to this entire occasion would run out before we reach he end of the endless list of the great attributes our class has accomplished. It is our unique demonstration as a team that we stood above all to dispense our assistance to the community. My sincere modest and ample gratitude is accorded to you all for such an amazing and exalting show to our society through the community service. This exceptional show identifies our works to be inspiring to values within our community as powerful as illuminated during this session. Indeed, in steps of the great scholar Kellogg (2007) as was quoted, we should celebrate our leadership in the society; leadership that strives for social justice through service to our community. Undoubtedly, copious organizations that seek to make momentous contributions towards the community and human welfare truly honor our name.

Qualities undoubtedly turn contagious. We have seen this communicated, sparked and by its presence, it comes true unraveling our great potentials. Indeed, it is with due honor that I grant my sincere gratitude to our great school. The staff has been outstanding in executing their duties and imminent fruits have seen the establishment of the pharmacy program. Simply lacking words but the great Sushil Mittal (2007) was once quoted that this exemplary achievement awakens, have the capacity to enliven and I am happpy to state that these achievement are contagious. As the school prospects grow, we should uphold the spirit embodied in us to reach the utmost.

I am deeply indebted to all our class members for being with us today, for creating these thoughts to our mind and for graciously agreeing to stand solidly united during the last years’ rotation.  It was a tricky moment that required ingenuity, self drive, humility with no room for vacillation and once again, this was a solitude move that separates us from the rest as a unique group. These are what characterized our avenue to success during the rotation.

It will be imprudent if our family members are not recognized. They laid our foundation; they have been our inspiration materially, financially and socially. It is by their continued cooperation with our administration that has been the driving force behind our success as a team.

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It is great to be important, it is wonderful to be recognized, but it is equally important to recognize that he who is greatest amid us, shall be a great servant! Let us be guided by this definition of greatness since every one who can be great, can serve! Congratulations!

Thank you and God Bless (name of class).

Speech Presentation at the Graduation Award Ceremony. Custom Speech Presentation at the Graduation Award Ceremony Essay Writing Service || Speech Presentation at the Graduation Award Ceremony Essay samples, help

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