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My names, for the sake of those who do not know me, are Simon Bolivar. But my name is not what brings us to this gathering my fellow people. My names are not important because our colonizers make sure that the names of the local people are not recognized. Because the governance of our countries rest not in the able hands of our great people but instead in those of imposters who take our land and subdue our will. The history of our land is rich in courage and our heritage cannot be stolen from us indefinitely without retribution or justice.  Freedom is a right we are all born with and those who take it from us must be expelled without fear or mercy. Those who oppress the true people of South America must face the wrath borne of oppression, discrimination and suffering. For without freedom we are no better than slaves. Without independence how can we call ourselves free people; for freedom is a right of those who are able to choose the direction of their own societies. For only them can we form a united and democratic government of the liberated states of South America (History-Heritage).

The Spaniards have ruled these lands without honor or justice and have enriched their rulers at the expense of our people. They have taken our fertile lands and relegated us to barren lands which produce neither grain nor fruits. They force us to till this land if only to get but a little food to feed our famished families. They have made us squatters in our own land, beggars in our God given nations. The produce of our lands are exported to feed and enrich their people while our land is left devoid of either revenue or infrastructure. We have been enslaved without pay and our dignity has been reduced to no less than that of an ordinary animal. No better than the donkey that pulls the farm’s produce from the farm to the ships which take it away to foreign lands as our people starve. Till when will we sit back and do nothing as our lives are drained by these unworthy foreigners. It is time my people that we make a last stand and take back what rightfully belongs to us. It is time the people rose up with one voice and together wage war against those who will spill our blood to protect the status quo.

Their police shoot at us just for amusement while the rulers justify these inhumane acts as a way of maintaining law and order. Where are these same police when the Spaniards rape our women as their husbands stand and watch? When daughters are torn from the arms of their wailing mothers to be abused and used by these dirty people from Europe. These are the devils spawns and we must wield arms in rebellion against such devilish rules. We must say no to these shackles they put in our legs and hands as we speak out loud against their torture and murder. We must break them with our bare hands if we must, for the time for freedom is here. The time to root out these evil from our midst is upon us and every able man must rise up and retake what belonged to our forefathers. For we are proud men and those who took away our manhood must be made to pay. 

They preach of religious equality, yet our children are treated like the children of slaves. They take their offspring’s to the best school while our children are forced to slave away their time in fields and households across our land. Where is the equality their missionaries preach to us about if we eat the crumbs that fall of their tables. Where is justice if they shoot and beat our people like stray dogs without value or owner? When will we stop sitting back and being treated like we are no better than animals? When do we get to determine what do with the fruits of our labor. When do our children get to have access to high quality education like the rest of free people across the world? When do we walk the street of our mother land and feel the pride of free people; partake of the happiness of independence owed to us by divine right. Today is that day, my fellow people, that we take back what was always ours. In the plateaus of our land and the jungles of our vast forests, we shall wage a war and retake back the freedom which out people had enjoyed for millenniums past.

Some among you think that the Spaniards are too strong to be defeated by an army of the local populace. But I ask you to reflect on our victories in Caracas and Trujillo a few years past (Smitha 1). We defeated their armies and took back our cities from those who oppress our people even as we gather here. But the people were not fully united and the enemy retook back what we had gained. The disunity of our people is our enemy and the reason why the yoke of slavery still binds us to our colonial masters. But together we shall strike at the heart of the enemy and take back our countries from Bolivia to Ecuador all the way to the streets of Caracas. Our brothers from Haiti have sent us soldiers and arms to aid us in the coming battles. The end of their rule is here brothers, so prepare for the grand march to independence. Rise up for freedom. Rise up for your families. Rise up for humanity.

Simon Bolivar: Call to Arms. Custom Simon Bolivar: Call to Arms Essay Writing Service || Simon Bolivar: Call to Arms Essay samples, help

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