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How to Write a Prefect Love Letter

Chronological introductionWhether your heart is broken or it is beating wildly, a love letter is the best means of expressing your feelings to your lover. The world of love is complicated and love letters help so deal with these complications. Here are ten elements of a properly written love letter:A love letter should be written using beautiful stationery. You should use a soft color. Cream is a good choice of paper color while a flair black or brown is a good choice of the color of your pen's ink. The letter should be hand-written. It should be written in a uniquely personal tone since it is intended for someone special.The first thing in your letter is to inform her why you are writing. You should indicate your intention to describe your feelings of love in the first sentence and then you should start expressing them in the second sentence. You should be sensitive to your lover's feelings. This means that it is good to consider whether the comments you make will excite him or her or they will cause offense and humiliation.The greetings should be as informal as possible. The salutation can make you win or lose your lover's heart. You should use the first name of your lover and you should use it in a manner that explicitly shows that you are fond of her. Use names that will hint at what you want to tell her. Words like "Darling", "my dearest one", "sweetie" sound commonplace and therefore, your aim  is to personalize them and make her feel like they have a special meaning when used in reference to her.

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A love letter should have an ambient mood. To attain this mood seems easy until you start expressing your thoughts on paper. The best way to start off is to choose a secluded place so that you may get inspiration. A secluded place stimulates a very romantic mood that you can never attain in a crowded, noisy room.Writing a good love letter entails proper choice of words. It entails proper use of the art of writing. A love letter should be thought of as a poem. Unfortunately, some people think that they can pour all their emotions by writing so many things that the addressee has to skim through it in search of creativity.

2. Grammatical mistakesIt is not wise to make grammatical mistakes just because a love letter is not a formal form of writing. You should spell all the words correctly in order to be taken seriously. Words that have not been spelt correctly show that you were not serious about the message you purport to be putting across.Some people, according to Gunderson, say things that are not real, make promises no mortal being can fulfill and tell plain lies (224). This exposes them to ridicule. The recipient of the letter may be tempted to show the ridiculous letter to his or her friends, who may ridicule you the next time you meet at school or workplace and you may not feel happy about yourself or your prospective lover.Variations in writing love letters take many forms. These include:1. Alternating between short and long sentencesThis makes the letter interesting to read many times. Every time your lover re-reads the letter, he or she should see something new to like about your creativity.2. Alternating between short and long paragraphsThis makes the letter structurally appealing. This makes the letter appear new every time the addressee throws in a quick glance at it.A love letter is easy to write. All you need to do is to be real and frank about your feelings, your strengths and your weaknesses without seeming to expose your vulnerability needlessly.

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