Three Places to visit

He had always wished to visit the three most significant places in the world and when the opportunity presented itself after he had won the lottery, all he had to do was to make his dreams come true.  Going on the Everest Trek was on top on his listing and visiting this captivating destination had always his been his dream for as long as he remembered. The colossal height of this marvel of nature which scraps to the sky at about 8848 meters and the fact that scientists seem to argue that it is still growing made the trip to this wonder a top precedence in his list. While planning on his visit to the Everest, he clearly understood that he had to pas through Nepal which is also a prominent destination in the world map. The artistically crafted temples that he had always seen in magazines would now be a reality. The scenic and splendid scenery of the mountains that he had always seen in the TV and advertisements were now a thing he could see with his bare eyes. He had always longed to see the snow capped mountains and at least scale down some of the peaks and small hills that could be scaled down.

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Visiting the undefiled lands in Africa was also top on his agenda on the three destinations that he had always longed to visit. He had always had this notion of Africa which is also referred to as the cradle of mankind as a land of virgin untouched beauty. With this opportunity to visit the continent, he would make his wildest dreams come true. The very thought of coming face to face with the untamed lions, the huge elephants, buffaloes, leopards and most of all watching the wildebeests in crossing from the Maasai Mara in Kenya to the Serengeti in Tanzania would cap his dream journey. Through his highly critical and analytical research on Africa, he had come to the conclusion that it is a vast continent that never seizes to amaze. The spectacular landscapes and architectural landscapes which nature has blessed the continent with made his visit to the continent one to crave for.

His love for spectacular scenes and magnificent landscapes could all be seen in his wide array of choices in the places that found favor in his eyes. Going to Australia which is also referred to as the world under gave him the rare chance of experiencing something that is just out of the ordinary. The country stands out in that its scenic beauty and undefiled lands made it a place that would not at all be omitted from his wishful list of the places he wished to visit. The very prospect of catching the Tasmanian devil, an animal that he had only seen in the TV made Australia a destination that he longed for. He had always heard that Australia was a land that was notorious for seducing its visitors and that when one visited the brilliant lands one either stayed or at the very least came back. The trip to the world down under provided him with the rare opportunity of proving this notion.

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