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MBA Personal Statement

In the present managerial finances world, MBA forms one of the most pursued and admired titles spurring career growth and development in the quickly changing business administration landscape. Consequently, this has stirred my desire to express interest as one of the most qualified candidates for the MBA program being offered in your institution. First, I posses a competent track record in my progressive financial career and educational portfolio, which shows eagerness to learn and develop myself through your MBA program v

Secondly, I posses a good understanding of corporate finance perspectives with specific focus upon capital raising fundamentals, financial markets, distribution of derivatives and bonds distribution. This is primarily because in a modern day business perspective, global oriented business applications are increasingly becoming the norm as the world progresses rapidly towards increasing options. Moreover, I posses a significant literacy of accounting principles and tools used in actualizing funds management in a business or corporate setting.

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Thirdly, I am capable of demonstrating needed credentials and knowledge required in handling tax report and management systems and auditing applications. In addition, I have a predominant bias in handling accounting operations of which I have significant experience. I understand these components are a necessity in attaining desired academic standards in MBA.

Finally, one of my salient features in a dynamic global business environment is financial risk management, which I understand is critical for a degree in MBA. Hence, on completion I believe I will be capable of transferring and integrating the relevant financial modules offered under MBA through your dedicate research program and learning facilities. In essence, I hope to use the knowledge I acquire in making the world a better place. I hereby express my wish to join your enroll under your institution by my request for consideration under your magnificent MBA program.

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