Accepting Novel and Sound Ideas


In many occasion human mind is skeptical to new ideas .A clear understand of this concept requires the analysis of how the mind operates. Ray, (2008) illustrates that,Much of the time when a new idea comes to us, we handle that idea and move on, without ever becoming consciously aware of the process”. This paper seeks to analyze reasons which make it difficult for the people to accept new and sound ideas. There are reasons why people are skeptical to a novel and sound idea and these reasons include; lack of knowledge of the ideas, lack of information on the benefit of the idea to them and shear fear of change (Cameron, & Green 2004). These reasons instill fear in a person thus makes him or her discredit even a novel and sound ideas which can bring a significant positive change in ones life.

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A novel idea is change in peoples’ life (Paton, & McCalman, 2008).  In this regard, change is an emotional experience which needs time for one to embrace. For someone to accept novel idea, it is necessary to analyze why they may reject it. This will give one time to make an intelligent decision on how to introduce the idea. In this regard, there are four facts to understand before introducing a novel idea to people. These are facts that emotions are inevitable, acceptance requires planning, certain factors increase resistance and the fact that people are skeptical to new ideas.

My rejection to a novel idea was demonstrated when I was the head of a group of students who were responsible for developing new codes of conduct within the institutions laboratories. A colleague suggested that we prepare a power point presentation to the institutions management, an idea I flatly dismissed on the stop. I later came to realize the impact that could have on the quality of the report and we embraced it. The result for our work was excellent.

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