Settling in the United States

Life is full of ups and downs that form our everyday experiences. While some moments are full of joy, love and laughter, others may be very sad and painful. With time, our wounds heal and some events turn into forgotten memories. However, various events have different impacts on our lives. They force us to reflect keenly, inspire and drive us towards change. Although we may fail to grasp lessons from certain life scenarios, our hearts learn intuitively. In this essay, I shall outline the most riveting moment of my life and how it changed me.

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Four years ago, at the tender age of 19, my parents and I left Lebanon and travelled to the United States. I have read a lot about the United States, but still did not know what to expect from a new life in a foreign country. I was confused after arrival and chose to spend my first few days at house. In the following month I joined the college. However, I could not concentrate and orient well because I had no friends and was experiencing cultural shock. Besides, I was not fluent in English. In short, I was very stressed!

However, one Monday morning, a lecturer invited me in front of the class to share my life story and experiences I had gone through since I arrived to the United States. At first I was hesitant. However, both the lecturer and students were very encouraging. As I talked about my life and, my loneliness, fear was dispelled, and I felt that I was becoming a part of my class. I felt loved, cherished and appreciated. I finally understood that if I wanted to make new friends, I had to open up and to share my experiences with others. Right there and then, I made a solemn pledge to overcome my fears and to participate in class activities. From that day on, America was my new home.

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