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Happy Anniversary

I have never thought that one can know someone so well and at the same time feel that this person is an enigma. I have never known that the words "I love you" sound every time like for the first time... I have never met such a close person with whom the hours pass like minutes, and with whom I never want to separate. Darling, I have never loved anyone the way I love you. I want to make you the happiest man on earth! All my dreams are about you.

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You gave me happiness every woman dreams of, two beautiful girls. In our children, I see a part of you and I love you even more. I love this little world that we have created together despite all the difficulties that we had to overcome. We are expecting a newborn soon, and my feelings are too deep for words. I am incredibly grateful to you for everything you did for us, for every day I have spent with you.

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You are the dearest and most beloved man in the world. The world is dark and sad for me when you're away for too long. When you're with me I feel that I am the happiest woman in the world. You're the air that I breathe, without which I cannot go a second. When you are close to me there is a flame burning inside my soul that warms me and gives comfort. I feel so comfortable when you hug me.

I confess that you are an extraordinary and wonderful mystery! Our hearts beat in unison. Our purest feelings make the fuss around us invisible... Happiness is to know and feel that we have each other!

If you live a hundred years - I want to live a day less because I cannot survive without you... Everyone can hear what you say but only I will hear you silent...

My eyes have seen heaven with you, and my heart saw the light brighter than the sun. I love your incredibly beautiful eyes that look at me with tenderness and care.

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Only you can always understand me, only you can share my thoughts, my laughter and tears. Some people cannot not find their soulmate during the entire life, but we met in our childhood and I hope that we will never lose each other.

I thank God and fate for you. You are my Angel...

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