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This essay has developed my thinking capacity and changed my way of perceiving things. For many years I have stayed without being interested in what can happen if someone is in danger, and I have not even thought that bad things can happen to my life. This made me have negative attitude towards those people who have problems and I was not willing to assist.

I must admit that under the influence of the essay my emotions have changed.  I have understood that everybody needs assistance  even if he/she owns the whole world. Earlier I thought that people like soldiers never need any help since they are warriors and they have trained to endure  everything. Now I understand that all people need to be assisted. We should always remember that we can also be in trouble one day. So in our hope that somebody will help us in need, we must assist others today.

I have not worked in a fast food franchise, but I have some friends who are engaged in the job. They have been explaining to me what they encounter, and what they do at their work place. I must say that I had a negative attitude to fast food jobs, and I was not interested to know much about them. I did not dream of getting involved in  this business. I thought that people who work in this sphere do not have enough education to qualify for other jobs. I believed that the workers of the fast food industry are usually poor and can not afford to live a better life. All  these reasons made me dislike the job.

Currently, I have changed my perception of the work and I have gained interest in dealing with fast food restaurants. Many people consume this kind of food daily and fast food companies make a lot of money. Now I am interested in finding myself a job in a fast food restaurant or starting this kind of business.

The Casualty. Custom The Casualty Essay Writing Service || The Casualty Essay samples, help

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