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Exists the rule that everything that is being done should be done perfectly, because only full responsibility for the actions prevents for the life perfection. This is my motto during all my life. At the first time I get acquainted with electrical engineering when I was a child, and this event had influenced me so much that I understood that since that time my life is connected to the electrical engineering.

As soon as this idea came into my mind I start to develop every my skill that may help me to connect my future with the electrical engineering. I perfected my skills and knowledge with maths, I understand how beautiful this science is and how it can help me to realise my dream. I studied hardly and tried to have only best marks for the subject, and even if I did well, I always tried to study again and do only best. My motto stimulated me and I always knew what I am willing to receive as a result. Another stimulus for me was my internship experiences in Taiwan. There I have set a goal that I want to work for one of engineering giants companies, which is impossible living in my country. I also have understood that communication skills are important. Therefore, I became a Vice President of Service in the Phi Theta Kappa honour society that made me to improve my speaking skill and become great listener.

I have faced lots of difficulties and problems, however nothing can make me giving up in my way on the becoming the specialist in electrical engineering.


7th paragraph. After the graduation from the xxxxxx College, I have received great opportunity to pass my internship at the Terry’s Technology Corporation that was held during the summer of 2012. I was rather happy that the works with reusable portable batteries were entrusted to me. I justified the hopes and have done the great job. During the internship I have gained not only professional experiences and techniques of the process of making reusable portable batteries, but I have perfected my communication and team working skills. As I was working in the development department I had to work on the project with the team, where I actively participated in the project discussion and became good team member. All our discussions required the presentation of each task of the member in order to make project perfectly. As a result I had mini speech and presentation each time working with the team. I have understood how effective communication important in my life, because it is no matter how good your professional skills are, if you cannot present them well. I think that communication experience that I have got during my internship is rather important for my future classes and jobs.

4th paragraph. I have understood that in order to be professional in electronic engineering I have to understand it better from different sights. Therefore, in spring 2012 I decided to have more intensive schedule and took Matrix Algebra, Deferential Equation, and Physics III. I work really hard in order to be the best in each class, however because of really very intensive classes I did not pass the Matrix Algebra perfectly. Being very persistent I retook this course and in fall 2012 received A mark for it.

The Short Answer Question. Custom The Short Answer Question Essay Writing Service || The Short Answer Question Essay samples, help

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