Master of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

My name is ... . I completed my bachelor degree in a pharmaceutical school in India. I undertook four years to complete the degree in pharmacy, which has given me some experience by having to work on interims when I was in school. I have passed the exams that cover clinical and medical skills. Academically, I have always been a very diligent, persistent, ambitious and hard-working individual. Therefore, I have never failed any exams. Furthermore, I frequently achieve all the goals that I have, and try to push through any matter that comes along. My interests in the pharmaceutical discipline started when I was young. I used to watch a lot of people suffer from diseases and later on succumb to them. I did not like how people agonized because of illnesses without getting enough medication and assistance. I made a decision that after growing up, I would try and find a way to make drugs and medicines to help the sick people. I have been having that vision up to now, and I want to make it real. I would like to apply for the master’s degree in pharmacy in your school.

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I have innate talents in such spheres as art, music, sports, and they make it easier for me to go through the obstacles and reach the goals. In addition, I consider myself a laborious, assiduous and industrious person .Thereby, I always make attempts to solve the difficult issues and embody my aims into reality. All the people during their lives aspire for satisfaction of their requirements and desires, and they do have both positive and negative life experiences. Personally, I try to find only benefits as they teach us to avoid the same mistakes for the second time and adequately treat the issues. During my entire life, I have had enough life experiences that helped me to become a mature and confident individual. Furthermore, during my life, I try to develop the appropriate qualities to become prosperous, ambitious, and on the other hand, amicable and reputable person. Over and above, I am interested in sports because I think that physical activities are necessary to keep fit .However, the main reason why I got fascinated with swimming is that I was impressed by the performance of some famous sportsmen. It became especially significant to me after participating in many competitions, both in India and abroad. Also, when I have leisure time, I play tennis, basketball or football .One of my desires when I was young was to work for a big pharmaceutical manufacturer. I transferred from India to the United States of America on a permanent basis. However, due to the lack of school fess, I have not been in a position to continue my education.

I believe I am a hardworking person, who works under the minimal or no supervision at all. This is made by the goals I aim to achieve and my interests in the field of pharmacy, which make me believe that if I get a chance to study in your school, I will do my best to make sure that I get the best results. I will input all the knowledge I have in this discipline to make sure that I get the best achievements and grades, which is one of my goals. Furthermore, I tend to think that we share the same goal with you, that is, to produce the best pharmaceutical manufacturers in the universe. I am looking forward to hearing from you, get a master’s degree in pharmaceutical manufacturing in your school, which will make my long time dream come true.

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