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For a long time, I've wanted to follow in the footsteps of great business entrepreneurs and managers like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, among others. What sets these business greats apart from ordinary managers is that they are not only big job creators, but extraordinary role models who guided their companies into global success. My admiration for these icons of success, coupled with my interest in entrepreneurship, compelled me to pursue a career in business management. I have a desire to become a wise investor and job creator by managing resources and other forces of production effectively. I realize that good management skills play a crucial role in the success of any business. I have a strong desire to be part of the corporate sector, and I therefore want to arm myself with the knowledge and skills that will ensure my success. Accordingly, I believe that obtaining a degree in business management will equip me with the necessary skills to become a successful people manager, effective communicator and decision maker. I also believe that learning such skills is the first step towards becoming a successful entrepreneur and corporate manager.

I began my journey in the field of business management more than four years ago when I enrolled for the BTEC introductory level courses. I earned my First Diploma in Business, covering subjects in financial investigation and control, managing people in organizations, business enterprise, customer relations, and doing business online. I subsequently studied at the IFS School of Finance for 2 years and was awarded with level 1&2 qualifications. In addition, I studied BTEC Nationals in Business, where I learned about business communication, business accounting and small business enterprise. These courses exposed me to the challenges of starting and managing a business, particularly with regards to decision making, managing finances and communicating with people. 

In addition, my experience in college helped me develop an understanding of the business world in terms of managing human resources. During my four-year study at college I got the opportunity to be in a position of leadership following my appointment as a class representative, which allowed me to learn first-hand about the challenges of leading others.  Speaking on behalf of my fellow classmates and representing their interests exposed me to the challenges and decision-making situations that business leaders and managers encounter in their roles. For instance, different people have different interests, which often lead to conflicts. The role of a leader is to reconcile people's interests and avoid potential conflicts. Good communication and people management skills are important tools in such situations. My experience as a class representative made me realize that I needed further learning to improve my skills in business management, hence my desire to obtain a university degree.

Modern business environments require strong personal qualities, among them the ability to inspire and influence others. My intention to pursue a degree in business management is partly informed by this realization because I want to develop leadership skills that will enable me to compete with other entrepreneurs around the world. I need to have a deeper understanding of the way the corporate world functions, particularly with regards to identifying new business opportunities and making strategic decisions. I do not wish to become a job seeker upon successful completion of my degree course. Instead, I intend to use the knowledge I will have acquired and the advice of my tutors and mentors, along with the experience I gained over the years in short-time jobs to help me launch a small business. Over time, I hope to expand the business into a big company that will create employment opportunities for some of the many graduates who remain jobless after university. It is my belief that realizing this dream will contribute greatly towards easing the burden of unemployment that many countries experience today. I earnestly hope that I'll get the opportunity to earn a degree and realize my dream. 

The Personal Statement. Custom The Personal Statement Essay Writing Service || The Personal Statement Essay samples, help

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