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Human beings have health as their first priority. Ensuring that people live healthy lives and serving those people suffering from physical, social and emotional challenges and disabilities has been my aim. I am aware that achieving success in this area will require not only my dedication but also hard work and knowledge. Proper management, planning, co-ordination, directing and reporting skills will also be required. My decision to apply for a master’s degree in Health Administration at California State University is driven by the urge to learn these valuable skills. My statement of purpose will show my motivation for applying for enrollment in this program and point out at my personal, professional and career qualifications that makes me suitable for the program.

Since my early years and in my academics, I have gained personal and professional skills and achievements that will make me be considered for the program. For example, my engagement in programs of high level, the current experience in the profession and my degree in business. United States is full of opportunities that have boosted my suitability and qualification for an enrollment in the program. Such opportunities include the education I received in Santa Monica and a full time job opportunity that helped me in gain experience in this field. It was not easy to balance being a student and an employee, but I managed to graduate with a Business degree in a period of two years. While at the University, I was elected as the President of the American Marketing Association and during that year, we recorded a lot of success, because we obtained an award for the Membership Communication in New Orleans. Being in a team that works towards achieving a common goal that has the aim of benefiting others gives me a lot of satisfaction. I have always been involved in junior achievement as well as in teaching Low Moderate Income families and young people on ways of managing budgets and money.

This opportunity of taking part in such a program will also make me better in the vocational horizons, I will be able to meet with people who are highly motivated, come across new challenges and be able to make my dreams come true. This will guide me in achieving my goal of becoming a health care administrator. The program will help me to be able to able to create an organization’s strategic plan for a health care as well as analyzing the various implications of leadership and management theories.

Having the undergraduate course as basis, and the knowledge and experience that I have in the field of business management, I intend to pursue a master’s degree in health that will help me in achieving my professional, personal and career goals. 

The Sop. Custom The Sop Essay Writing Service || The Sop Essay samples, help

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