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My favorite teacher

Although given minimal attention in most countries in the world, teaching as a profession has significant influence in human life. How people would be who they are today without having been to school or interacted with a teacher at any leaning level? Many people achieve their dreams and realize visions as a result of input invested by teachers. Children at a tender get to understand who they are and they can perfect in by the help of their teachers. Despite fulfilling his role of impacting knowledge, a teacher is a role model for many. Therefore, the manner in which a teacher behaves influences the life of students.  The impact may therefore be positive or negative. When I look back into my past which continues to fade daily, the memories of my high school teacher Mr. Steve Owen dominate. Having outshone all my teachers including the principal, Mr. Owen is a prominent personality in my life.

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Every time I am asked to describe my favorite personality I find myself describing the inspiring image and character of Mr. Owen. His passion to teach and friendly attitude makes him lead the list when teachers are ranked. Mr. Owen has been teaching Mathematics for decades making him gain immense experience. He is sometimes referred to as a resource center because of his wide scope of knowledge in mathematics. He is never challenged by mathematics making him a favorite of many including myself. Having taught me for the last two years, Mr. Owen has the interests of students at his heart and treats them like his own children. He delights in seeing every student excel and it is his pleasure to make his students understand mathematics with a lot of ease.

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Unlike other teachers, Mr. Owen is ever punctual for classes and never misses his lessons unless he is caught up in unavoidable circumstances. What impresses me is his attitude towards students especially those who seem not to perform well in mathematics. Although this is clearly shown by his facial humble physical appearance, an encounter with him reveals more than looks can tell. He is a man of high professional caliber, called to serve, teach and guide; he is not only a teacher but a parent to the orphans and none orphans. Having understood that most students have a negative attitude towards mathematics, he has invested his time, resources and skills in turning tables round and making mathematics to be the best subject in the school. He speaks with wisdom and authority concerning mathematics to capture the attention of every student. He has constantly reminded students of the need to have a positive attitude and the believe in oneself.

Mr. Owen remains a role model not only for students but also among his colleagues. He has always challenged them to love their work and find happiness in practicing their career since there was no other time and place to do so. His major weapon and tool in excelling as a teacher has always been encouragement. He spends most of his free time inspiring students who are on the verge of giving up; restoring their hope in life and in studies. He does not believe in the existence of failure but sees failure as an individual choice. He does not condone indiscipline; he has been on the fore front in restoring discipline level of the school which was deteriorating at an exponential rate.  

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As mentioned above, Mr. Owen’s character is widely demonstrated in his actions. He carries himself to class, office and home. In other words, his influential, admirable and inspiring principles and character forever live in him. He has an outstanding personality which ranks him best in teaching and parenting. Although he does not dress expensively, modesty has always remained the cornerstone of his dress code and the foundation of his association. He is ever neat and organized in all that he does, plans and teaches. I find no better teacher in the school to associate with but with Mr. Owen, my favorite teacher.

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