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When one writes a personal statement, it is difficult to express many thoughts and ideas in one essay. I may as well concentrate on a few things. If not everyone than just almost everyone has talents or accomplishments that he/she can speak about. My purpose is to describe two character traits that I have and that are very closely knitted with one another and, in fact, influence one another.

I am a single person, a student studying abroad. I don’t really like speaking too much and I like to take my time to think. That is probably why sciences are my favorites and my major is chemical engineering. I could share more about myself but I would rather concentrate on two following things.

My ability to think and analyze may not look like a striking gifting. However, it is a great asset that I have. I take my time to go through details and I just like to observe. I see things that other people don’t see and then I analyze them.

That perfectly rhymes with another trait or quality that I have – caring. I have had a dog named Rocky for almost 8 years. When one has a pet that long he learns to be caring. I like to take care of people though, I like to help. That is my innate quality and I enjoy doing it.

Not everyone can receive help. Some people reject it because they are proud, some turn it down because they are self-reliant. That is fine for me. However, you need to remember that I like analyzing. I see what people go through and detect immediately when they need a hand. I analyze facts and things that I see. I can see those signs of despair and emptiness when even pride and self-reliance are gone.

Remember, I am not a talkative person. It is often that one needs just a few words of support to keep going. How many destinies would have been rescued and how many lives would have been saved if someone said at least a few words to a desperate person. I enjoy helping people like that and then see how they overcome that difficult moment and start running forward again.

This way, two qualities: ability to think and analyze and caring are very important for me because I can make a difference in someone’s life.

My Personal Statement. Custom My Personal Statement Essay Writing Service || My Personal Statement Essay samples, help

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