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Some experiences in our life seem to start in the wrong direction but might surprisingly, end well. What seems to begin as an unfavorable and ruinous situation may at the end take the shape of a great learning experience that helps to gain new skills or knowledge or obtain new character traits.

I had a friend who was very close to me. We spent a lot of time doing things together. I showed a lot of support to him and I trusted that he would pay me back with the same attitude. One day I made a mistake, which caused me a lot of trouble. I cannot disclose its nature since it involved other people.

I turned to my friend for help. He faced a dilemma: if he supported me, he would still be fine, if he went with the crowd and spoke against me, he would gain some temporary respect and would look like a person who stands for truth. Finally, he chose the latter and the choice was not in my favor. Besides, to look good, he spread lies against me to justify himself. That aggravated my situation badly. In the result, many friends turned away from me and I experienced temporary isolation. That was a very painful experience.

However, another person who was not a very close friend of mine came to support me. He was not afraid of lies and, because of his good nature, helped me to get out of trouble. Thus, a saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed” opened to me in its new understanding - real friends show themselves in troubles that we sometimes have to go through. I would not have known I had a bad friend had I not experienced that situation. I would have lived more with that false friend being around me until something much worse had happened. That bad situation I had to go through helped me to get rid of the wrong person and make a friend whom I can trust now.

This way, en event that seemed absolutely negative, turned out to be a very valuable experience.

A Useful Event. Custom A Useful Event Essay Writing Service || A Useful Event Essay samples, help

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