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Information is important in any establishment. It plays different roles in general management of a business venture or company. The person who has the onerous responsibility of handling information is called a Chief Information Officer (CIO). A good CIO should possess certain qualities as he/she is at the top of the information technology function of the enterprise. This important position calls for experience and sensitivity among other qualities.

My favorite CIO is David Lister; the CIO at Reuters. He has made a mark for himself in the IT world and his career. There are many skills and qualities that define Mr. Lister as a distinguished CIO. Firstly, he is a business person. As CIOs are expected to know about general management and show interest in business matters, Mr. Lister has shown distinct qualities in these areas. During the time of being a CIO of Reuters, he has blazed the trail of IT consultancy by bringing his wealth of experience to the forefront.

Mr. Lister has also shown enormous vision in his chosen career. He is able to see the outside world, going to great length in his attempts to revolutionize the IT consultancy world. He makes changes and he has also become a source of inspiration, demonstrating the qualities that a good CIO must have. He exudes positivity, has the can-do spirit and is willing to take reasonable risks, never settling for less.

My favorite CIO, Mr. David Lister, is a success story in the IT world. He has worked tirelessly on the transformation of the company in order to build a world-class procedure for the business. He is a member of several IT specialist bodies and has won several awards commemorating his sterling qualities as a Chief Information Officer. He was named CIO of the year 2008 CNET Networks UK Business Technology Awards.

My favorite CIO is efficient and capable. He has been able to raise the standards in his career reaching the peak and remains a good example to all aspiring students of Information Technology.

My favorite CIO. Custom My favorite CIO Essay Writing Service || My favorite CIO Essay samples, help

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