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Technologies have become an inseparable part of our daily life. It has become very difficult for the overwhelming majority of people to go through the day without using a cell phone or a laptop. Despite these high-tech devices, we forget to recognize the importance of other machines which make our lives easier, more comfortable, and even safer in some ways. The essay will be about my ‘friendship’ with the refrigerator.

My refrigerator is conservatively white and spacious enough to contain so much food that it can suffice for my whole family for several days or even weeks. Half of the refrigerator is a deep-freezer which is not my favorite place, however, my mother cannot imagine her life without it.

My refrigerator is a favorite place in the kitchen for the whole family, and especially me. I find it inspiring and peaceful to be able to come from the college each day and see it full of food. In other cases, when the food is not abundant in my feeding machine, I can have depressed feelings. Such feelings are not only due to the fact that I can feel hungry but more importantly because of the thoughts on poverty that many people have never even seen their refrigerators to be full of food.

It has been and always will be that the small details make up our true happiness. That food which I like to see everyday in my cooling machine helps me to feel those little pleasures life can offer. It is a very eloquent fact that when we are hungry, we feel bad, irritated, depressed, and even scared. Therefore, I can describe my relationship with the refrigerator as very friendly and close.

Besides keeping our food fresh and good, the refrigerator in our house is a place of love and care. Its door is fully decorated with tiny calendars, post-its, stickers, and just inscriptions with colorful crayons. We write there things to do, things to tell, and things to never do or say. The door is our memorial desk where the rules of our family are easy to learn for everyone.

The refrigerator makes us feel closer with each other. Sometimes, especially for me, it can be difficult to say sorry to my parents but to write it and let everyone see seems very sweet and less self-devastating.

My favorite part about the door of the refrigerator is my mother’s and father’s notes. The way they tell each other about tender feelings, and how they reveal their care without being too explicit has always mesmerized me: Usually children accept their parents as quite boring, over-worrying people who seem to understand poorly modern life around them. However, it is beautiful to hear or see your parents telling or writing each other the words of love, mentioning happy moments from the past, and hinting on lovely things to do in future.

The door of my refrigerator allow me to look at my parents from the different perspective, the perspective which appeals to me very much and which only proves how lucky I am with my parents.

Behind the door, my friendly machine makes me full good with the abundance of food and bright lights which is especially unpleasant when you open up the door in the middle of the night looking for a refreshing bottle with juice, or tasty yoghurt.

The door of the refrigerator is my second favorite part. The comparatively small space usually contains the most delicious products.

I like to see many colorful products in the machine too; it especially lifts up my mood after a tiring day.

The refrigerator should always be especially clean and everything should be well-ordered in it. In such a way, food will not get spoilt too soon and the refrigerator will not become an air-contaminating machine that makes everyone uneasy when the need to open it appears.

At the time we bought this refrigerator, it was nothing special for us. I did not even pay much attention to it, until, I guess, my mother’s first post-it on it when I came from school and it said that lasagna is in the upper shelf of the machine.

Nevertheless, my lack of attention to it at the beginning, I started to find many advantages with this special refrigerator in our house soon. First of all, I noticed that the refrigerator was very quiet comparing to our first cooling machine of much smaller size. This function was very pleasant as nothing distracted your attention from conversations, reading or even watching TV all the time.

The second advantage was, as I have already partially mentioned, its roomy inside. It is especially comfortable when each food item has its own place in the refrigerator and you do not need to put one product on another, which is also quite unhealthy (for example, when we put meet very close to some other products, and the meat loses its first freshness, certain illness-caring bacteria can spoil other products and lead to food poisoning later on).

The third advantage of the machine will be presented with its deep-freezer. The convenience of a large deep-freezer is truly undeniable. Now my family can shop for meat or fish only once a week or once in fortnight which saves time and sometimes even money as you can buy more food with a better discount.

Undeniably, the refrigerator has become a very significant part of my life without making me feel it. To be more precise, this machine is not like a cell that reminds you with the ringtone that someone needs you, or like a laptop that makes you enter the social network every now and then making your life quite empty and, occasionally, lonely.

Refrigerator stands quietly in the corner and does not attract too much attention. People do not think about its existence much if at all. However, when the refrigerator gets broken, everyone in the house feels it. At once, this machine becomes a number one problem to solve. This reveals one of the bitterest, but on the other hand, so common feature of humans: We do not pay enough attention to important things and people around us, and only when something happens to them, we notice this vital importance and the meaning those things or people have in our life.

Despite all the irrelevance of my comparison of the machine to the humans, there is a lot of truth in it. This truth reveals people’s shallowness and inability to recognize the most dear things and, unfortunately, people until it becomes too late.

We hide behind the iron curtain of selfishness, proudness, arrogance, constant lack of time, and fear or shyness to reveal our love and care to those who make our life meaningful and complete.

Sometimes, I think that such tendency in human’s behavior is caused by the fear to lose when you have already become attached to the person. We try to escape pain, being hurt or abandoned, yet we do not understand that the more we fear it, the sooner it can happen. Life gives us what we think the most about. Would not it be much better if we could forget for a while about our prejudiced and biased limits and concentrate our feelings on those who play the key roles in our plays?

Instead of such behavior, we can choose positive attitude, confidence in our feelings and desire to give all the care and love we possess to those who deserve it, and to those who do not deserve it yet, as no one has ever tried to understand what is really inside their souls. I believe that there are no bad people, there are just those who are hurt so much that they find it very difficult to reveal the kindness they have deep in their hearts. Such people should first be shown that love does not hurt, and after they will be able to open up.

While writing this essay, I pondered my own personality, too. I like the refrigerator to be very clean so no bad smells can appear there. I am very sensitive to smells; therefore, pleasant aroma is a must for me.

All the products in my refrigerator are in order. I prefer each food or drink has its own, constant place where I can easily find them. This can, probably, tell about a little bit pedantic love for neatness and cleanness of mine.

Some people may also say that I am a bit conservative; however, this is not true. My love for order has its limits and I would never clean about the house when I do not feel like doing so. I think that everything what we do each day must be felt through, must be liked and done at its best.

Each situation carries something positive in it, even if at the first sight it appears to be purely negative. The ability to see these small pieces of positivity in everything is what can be called true happiness. Few people feel it. Those who feel so are successful, enthusiastic, broad-minded and they know what kind of future they will build. Moreover, these people live each single day to its last beat of second on the clock. They know how to enjoy ordinary and routinely things which bore other people. In addition, they do not even have routines: what is routine to some individuals, is a pleasure for them.

When we learn to love ourselves and our life, everything around changes as we start to notice small pieces of beauty even in ugly things. The sooner we understand that the happy life ‘lives’ deep in our thoughts and beliefs, the faster we will have that life which will make our being on the Earth a bliss.

On the other hand, my refrigerator showed some sides of me which did not make me very happy. I found out that sometimes my selfishness goes over the borders of kindness and generosity and becomes somewhat hurting to other people. When someone takes a piece of a cake I left for that special day without my permission or at least a word of notice, I can become a little bit irritated. My desire to be controlling can harm not only people around me but also my very self.

However, when the problem is evident, we should solve or eliminate it. I do not say that we should not love ourselves – we should, and this love must be the strongest of all possible. Still this love should be promising, self-fulfilling, motivating, inspiring, kind, sincere, and open.

We cannot make someone truly happy if we do not feel this happiness inside us. The same goes with selfishness and love: The stronger our love, the more it is free of selfish needs and demands, the purer and happier it will be. Moreover, it will be mutual. Yet until we love ourselves, people around us will find it very difficult to see why we should be loved. What we give, that we receive.

My refrigerator proves that I prefer smooth life, namely life, where everything is performed according to a plan. I do not pretend to control on everything but I want my life to go the way I want it to go.

I understand that nothing can be perfect, but we choose our ways and build our paths so no one should hinder the implementation into life of my dreams.

Trying to describe the possible relationship of my cooling machine with the changes in the society, I would like to mention that despite the absurdity of the statement, these changes really exist if to take into consideration the broader picture of our world.

The refrigerator is a vivid representative of the progress made by humans in the last couple of decades. Technologies have become our friends, relatives, and even parts of our bodies. They feed us, dress us, and drive us. It can be sad or joyful, but it will always remain a fact.

Thanks to the technological progress, our economic life rocketed and, I believe, will continue to prosper as technologies can change everything around us.

The refrigerator, a simple machine at the first glance, but a powerful mechanism when looking closer, a mechanism that saves people’s lives can become even more powerful in the near future. The progress does not know what borders or limits are; it does not see restrictions imposed on different spheres of our being.

My relationship with the refrigerator also shows the fast ability of people to get used to new things. Each person has the ability to adapt. Some do it faster, others – slower, however, we all recognize, either consciously or subconsciously, that our lives without a change will come to a halt, and then ruin. With our own personal development, everything around us develops, too.

Unfortunately, quite often these changes have very negative effects on the society in general. This happens due to the fact that people are afraid to allow changes to their lives. They prefer to live within their comfort zone, and do not make any steps which can erase the borders of this zone. People try to oppress those changes, fight against them, and do not allow their implementation on the broader scale.

However, progress is very powerful – it can sweep away with it everything on its way, therefore, people’s lives are changed despite their own desire. It makes them feel unhappy. Their own stubbornness makes them feel in the wrong plate.

Some proponents of a natural way of living claim technologies to be the reason of all possible woes of the humans. They state that the more powerful our technologies become, the more the identity of our nations, our cultures is ruined. In some aspects, they are right, as people stop to care as much about their customs and traditions as they did before. On the other hand, each drop of good has a slight admixture of something bad and each drop of bad has something good in it – balance if perfect and those who strive for it usually succeed in life.

In conclusion, I would like to state that my refrigerator will always remain a machine for me. Despite all the beautiful features it possesses and those little things which it helped me to understand about myself, it is still a mechanism. I cannot underestimate its importance in my life, however, I do not want to be obsessed with it either.

The true values in life should be always ascribed to people and not machines. Only people can truly make us happy, fill our lives with the meaning. People allow us to enjoy each day and not simply exist. Machines are machines, and should always remain them despite all the beautiful and helpful features they have in their systems. If we cannot learn to appreciate what a gift we obtained when we were granted with the opportunity to live, then probably machines would be able to show us it when we give them too much meaning and hey break up.

Refrigerator and Me. Custom Refrigerator and Me Essay Writing Service || Refrigerator and Me Essay samples, help

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