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In the beginning of the 20th century, there was a great revolution in the IT industry that led to a marketing resolution in computer technologies (Andexer, p.45).  According to Bell and Crick (2004. 32), Apple Company is among the companies that ranked top in the list of companies that took all responsibility for establishing in 1970. Apple was later changed into Apple Inc. Manufacturers and markets computers towards fame a large corporation in the early 1980’s (Benos and Weisbach, pg. 180). Initially the company was involved in, manufacturing products such as the personal computers, software, and peripherals, but concentrated so much on lower-cost, uniquely designed the iMAC and power Macintosh models. In 1976, the company was founded by Steve Wozniak and Stephen P. Jobs and their partnership started long ago when Wozniak and Steve Jobs, self-taught motivated electronics engineer, used boxes to build apparatus that they used to call phone calls. Later they made sales on such types of boxes.

Apple Company joined the IT technology at the same time as the Dell computers, Compaq Company and Microsoft Corporation (Benton, pg. 32). Thus, Apple felt that these were rivals in the industry. Hence, Steven P. Jobs, the CEO, decided to make some alterations in the corporations marketing strategies for some few years and took the hard stance for many years. Although many firms have really tried to emulate the company’s business model, none had the ability to understand or discover what it is that made Apple a unique corporation. However, many people believe that the contribution made by the late CEO, Steven P. Jobs, is an important factor to consider. According to Buckley and Ghauri (1999, pg 45) the success of the corporation depends on a combination of various factors, such as, leadership under the late CEO, Steve Jobs, and the organization’s corporate culture is widely known. All these factors in combination have contributed to the qualities that made the company revolutionize its modern technology as well as the retail industry (Bryman and Bell, pg. 12)

According to Buckley (1999, pg 21), Apple Inc. is the world’s largest technology firm in terms of market capitalization, taking the lead from the rival company, Microsoft, in the year 2010.  The main targets of the company include; the education sector, creative professionals, consumer, and business customers (Coviello and Munro, pg 370). The company also deals in portable digital music systems and related accessories. In the last decade, Apple made strides and redefined the music industry through the introduction of iPod, the cell phone business, through the use application of the iPhone, and entertainment in the media world through the iPad. Apple has earned a good reputation as a company with proven success. Donaldson and O’Toole ( 2007, pg 56) posit that Apple has been ranked as the most admired company globally, this is related to the highest margin ever under the leadership of Steven Jobs.

The aim of the company is to bring to its customers compelling products and new solutions, and innovative industrial design. The company operates in a highly competitive market, including PC’s, with its Macintosh, consumer electronics, and line of digital players (Gregoriou, pg 11). Apple is widely recognized as an innovator in consumer electronic markets and PC’s. Moreover, the company is a leader in the emerging markets that are subject to high competition (Harvey, pg 7). The other factor to consider concerning the success of Apple is associated with their CEO. The image of Steve Jobs as Apple's CEO is linked to how investors value Apple.

According to Harzing (1999, pg. 12) Apple is an American Multinational Corporation (MNC) that manages its retail business primarily on a geographic basis. The company’s operations are widely spread in five segments; Europe, America, Japan, retail and others. Apple has expanded into a very intricate company, over the last decade. It specializes in much more than just computers.  Apple sells its products through its online stores, its personal retail stores, and third party wholesalers and retailers (Henry, pg 14). The company also deals in third-party Macintosh compatible product. Apple targets the education sector, creative professionals, businesses, and governments.

According to Muller (2011, p. 90) Wozniak and Jobs established Apple Inc. in 1976. Their relationship started some years back when Wozniak, a brilliant, self-taught electronics engineer, started creating boxes that permitted him to make long expanse phone calls free of charge. The two friends sold a variety of hundred such like boxes nationwide. By the year 1976, Wozniak and Job were developing another box, referring to it as the Apple 1 computer. It did not have both keyboard and power supply. After selling some of their valuable custody inclusive of a van and two calculators at $1,300, Wozniak and Job managed to start a company. Wozniak started focusing on the Apple II with the intention of attracting a superior market than any other computer hobbyist company. There is recruitment of a considerable number of computer fans, many of them high school students by Jobs in order to assist in assembling circuit boards and design software.

Previously, microcomputers had mostly been stored in metal boxes. Therefore, with the overall customer in mind, Jobs designed to keep the Apple II in a very eye-catching modular taupe plastic pot. Apple managed to invent another Apple III, which had higher memory than the other Apple II and an easier startup program. In addition, the popularity of the VisiCalc, which was the first spreadsheet for microcomputers, assisted in selling a considerable number of Apple IIs. According to studies, Apple Fortran led to the increase of more establishment of software, in particular technical and educational applications. Apple Inc. became communal in 1980 with more selling of shares within few minutes in 1981. The creation of Apple III was due to the fear that Apple II would soon expire; consequently, there was much pressure on the designers of Apple III.

Currently, Apple Inc. along with its subsidiaries are engaged in making designs, manufacturing and distributing mobile phones and other media devices, PC’s, as well as portable digital music players (Hill, pg 32). The company also trades in a variety of related software, networking, solutions, digital content and applications, peripherals and services. Some of the most notable brands include the iPod, iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, a portfolio of consumer oriented and professional software applications, and accessories. The customers who visit the Apple stores experience changes in the unpleasant service experience into a pleasant exploration and learning experience.  It seems no one recognizes the systems thinking that underlies Apple’s success. Furthermore, the company also engages in selling and delivering content and application through its iTunes store, App store, Ibook store, and Mac App Store. Recently, the company acquired the Nortel Networks Corporation’s patent portfolio and the app-search engine chomp.

IT Technology. Custom IT Technology Essay Writing Service || IT Technology Essay samples, help

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