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There are major concepts that should be focused on in the message. We have to ask ourselves whether the rhetorician's message seeks to inform rather than simply achieve adherence. As regards the importance of agitation, the author believes that truth is able to modify behavior. The myths about anticommunist movement would collapse, and the question of the quality of life in the US would emerge, thus increasing people's feelings of power and ability to talk their mind. He believes the rhetorician should act more independently and create an atmosphere for debating issues. Therefore, the message can facilitate the auditor in a cyclic process, e.g.: firstly, myths are fragmented by debates; secondly, people begin to question the quality of their life; thirdly, their sense of power increases making them debate what is on their mind.

The theme of vertical and lateral rhetoric should address the maintenance of unity in the movement. He later describes the importance of the members of the movement and individuals for developing the theme. It is implied that people can develop their own themes, and, therefore, everyone should focus on individuals around the movement.

We need to know how the laterally deviant rhetorician achieves this credibility. To maintain credibility, the speaker must communicate the complexity and costliness affecting change within society. Alternatively, the movement and its leaders view movement as favorable when changes begin. Thus, goodwill enhances credibility of the rhetorician. The author suggests some advice regarding the intensity of delivery. The radicals’ characteristics regulate the agitator's intensity and distinguish him from establishment-guided persons. Intense behavior is necessary to weaken that establishment.

Hayden describes his beliefs about the communicator’s behavior before an audience. His suggestion is that the speaker’s communicative behaviors remain constant in spite of differing forums, audience and occasions. Where there is no specific advice to be given about the speaker and his physical appearance, he suggests a specific identity of the communicator, including physical appearance.

Communication is important for characters to know their role in the story. The role played by each of them consists in ensuring flow continuity in a novel. When characters get some information and pass it on to the rest, a new thing is discovered each day that allows the organizers to plan new responsibilities every day.

Petition is a part of lateral agitation applied to change. The author believes that social movement evolves in stages, such as resistance, protest and liberation. Protests involve a petition to establish a political change. The author proposes that members should first petition their establishment through persuasion and move on to alternative means, if it fails.

We cannot ignore promulgation, which is when the agitator wins the support of the society by using the mass media. People watching television identify themselves with the youth in the street and watch more carefully. Introducing activities and movements in the mass media enables to attain a social support for the movement. Hayden advocates the values of possible objectives of the movement. A movement’s solidification mostly results from actions taken by the society to establish members in the movement. This produces a cohesion quality in the movement (Coffey, pg. 50)

The main conclusion of the book is that people in a movement should use more systematic means of addressing their grievances to the authorities. The book supports all these requirements in one way or the other. It is, therefore, important to consider both sides before engaging in confrontation and facing adverse consequences. The writer’s arguments are logical and consistent due to the activities he engaged in during the struggle for neo-colonialism. 

The Agitation. Custom The Agitation Essay Writing Service || The Agitation Essay samples, help

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