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Company’s SWOT Analysis. Custom Company’s SWOT Analysis Essay Writing Service || Company’s SWOT Analysis Essay samples, help

According to the company’s SWOT analysis, Apple is a very successful company. The sale of its products such as Ipads increased in the previous years. In addition, the manner in which the client prefers the products also greatly increased sales of its products. For instance the sales of Mac computers increased immensely. Moreover, the IPod provided the company with access to the new series of segments that could easily be integrated and sold in other brands of Apple Inc. The sale of the company’s notebook notebook products also contributed hugely to the company’s income.

Brand is a very important aspect in the company’s success. The company is on of the company’s in the world that has one of the best established IT brands globally. In addition, Apple has the best loyal and promising clients that advocate the brand. Since the company has very strong loyal customers, it has the advantage of retaining them. This means that, the client will continue purchasing and using Apple products and services without moving to other brands. In addition, Apple has many opportunities to expand and extend its product lines, such as, the iPod.

Most experts believe that Apple products such as iPod and Nano are having feature that are weak, for instance the screen. The company deals in a variety of products and confirmed that some of its products are delicate. Apple products have screens that are very fragile and can easily break when nit handled with care. This is coupled to problems such as the prevalent faulty battery systems, which made the company to offer free battery cases to the clients. The other common weakness that the company experience is the anticipated increase in the prices of products such as the prices of music downloads from the manufacturer itself than from downloads from the original CD sales. The company had managed to make sales of millions of songs through its iTunes music store and accounts for more than 80% of all the legally downloaded music globally. Thus, the company has is seen as firm but gives in to other music producers this can be seen as a weakness.

Recently, the Apple made a point that it would stop its business links with IBM, a company that supplies it with chip devices. The company made a decision to switch to Intel Corporation. However, some experts criticized the move, arguing that the swap would be a great misfortune to the clients.

Some of the notable opportunities of the company include the development of the iTunes as well as the music player technology in a format of a mobile phone. The device known as the Rokr mobile phone was an innovation by Motorola. A new version of the iTunes music store was developed by the company for the users for easy management of the songs stored in it. In addition, there is a possibility for easy downloads that can be done via USB cables as well as software on the handset pauses if an individual receives an incoming call. Thus, the new technologies as well as the strategic alliances offered the company great opportunities. In addition, the Podcasts are easy to download radio shows that can be downloaded via the Internet and can easily be played back on MP3 or iPods for convenience to the users. Moreover, the users can freely subscribe to Podcasts for at no cost, and ultimately some income can be generated from the paid subscription that can increase sales for the company, from the sales of other downloads.

The company is also faced by some threats. Among the most prevalent threats that the company faces includes a high level of competition in the technology industry. However, being a successful company in the IT industry attracts many competitors. The company works hard to ensure that it retains its competitive position in the market. For instance the popularity of some of its products in the global market, such as, the IPods, and Mac are subject to the growing global demand. These may be affected if the economies start to falter and the demand for Apple’s products reduces.

The other threat that the company faces is an increased rate of the substitution effect in the fast growing innovative IT industry. For example, in the previous years, the CD and DAT dominated the market, but currently, the Ipod and the MP3 are the dominant products in the market. It is anticipated that in future, technology in the IT industry may be different; hence, wireless technologies, may arise and dominate the market and replace the physical musical player. Previously, in 2005, the company won a legal suit that made many bloggers to list sources of information that led to the launch of Apples new products. However, it was suspected that Apples employees were behind the scam that leaked the information about the new Asteroid products. Some individuals were prosecuted, but to make matters worse, the three individuals all owned Apples tribute sites and were respected fans of the company’s products. The said blogs appeared on the culprits sites; hence, they were forced to name the sources of information. According to the ruling, the commercial confidentiality of them culprits was deemed more valuable as their freedom of speech. However, leaks of some commercial confidential information could harm the competitive advantage of the firm, hence could affect their revenues.

The transition of the company from a computer to a consumer electronics company is unprecedented. In addition, this is an achievement to the company that is not easy to replicate by any other company. However, many people can speculate that the success of the company is an attribute to the success of Steve Jobs due to his effective leadership capabilities. In addition, the success of the company can be vested to its highly skilled employees, as well as the long-standing and strong corporate culture. The corporate culture of Apple Inc. is strongly vested in the company since people are highly interested in the promotion of the company’s corporate culture.  In addition, the company hired a chief evangelist who would spread the information of Apple Inc. This greatly boosted the competitive advantage of the company since it could manage to support its products.

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A strong evangelism of a company can only take place with dedicated and enthusiastic employees who are really wiling to spread the message of the company. The return of Jobs to Apple Inc. introduced two main cultural changes to the company.  Steve Jobs, the CEO, introduced a debate on various ideas. In addition, he came up with important idea that the employees of the company could easily believe in. Therefore, through the creation of these changes, Jobs ensured that employees felt that their contribution or input in the company was very beneficial and that they formed part of the corporation. The employees felt that they formed part of something bigger than an individual, thus, such feeling assisted in the creation of a strong sense of loyalty among many employees within Apple Inc.

Apple is a company that has received a lot of recognition and pride due to its unique corporate culture. For instance at the workplace for the corporate employees, corporate culture ensured that potential applicants viewed the corporation has a flat structure. This means that the company lacked the layers of bureaucracy that existed in other corporations. In addition, the company also made emphasis on the normal work environments in which the employees are needed at the work stations at the normal working hours starting from 9:00 am to 5: 00 pm. In addition, the company markets itself at a very fast pace. It is also a very innovative corporation, which provides a collaborative working environment that is committed towards conducting its activities in an appropriate manner. Consequently, through offering both challenges and benefits to the applicants, the company attracts individuals who fit well with its corporate culture.

The company had really tried to ensure that its employees and those whom they work demonstrate appropriate conduct in all situations. Thus, the company bases its success on innovation. The company manufacturers highly innovative, and high quality products and services, that is very appealing to its clients. Furthermore, Apple demonstrates integrity in all business interactions. Apple has four main principles that contribute to;

  1. Honesty
  2. Respect for all
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Compliance

In addition, Apple has also drafted a business code of ethics that is applicable to all its operations. In addition, the company has also made available the websites for more specific policies that regards its corporate culture and governance. In addition, the company also provides additional Business Conduct Helpline that is beneficial in reporting any behavior of misconduct to the company’s Audit and finance committee. Apple Inc manufactures products and components in countries with low cost. Thus, the potential of misconduct at the workplace may increase due to the differences in the labor standards as well as direct oversight.                                                    

Apple Inc. is among the leading companies in the information and technology industry. It also produces one of the most prepared brands compared to other brands such as the windows PC. However, Apple is the leading company in technology in tablet PC, bipod and iphone. Even though Widows founded Bill Gates is a head of Apple Inc in terms of sales, popularity as well as distribution, there are some of the Apple products such as the Mac apple devices that customers have realized that Apple is doing better. There are certain facts here that can make us to conclude that Apple is changing and the company seems to gain more competitive advantage as well as awareness to the media over the competition. For instance, devices such as Laptop Upgrades, and the Mac Desktop have the Intel processor. Moreover, they also have memory or RAM, and other devices such as the video card and hard disk obtained form different suppliers. These devices are manufactured with more as well as updated parts. In Addition, the Mac desktop and laptop devices are also applicable in the PC in Internet application, they utilizes the different browsers such Mozilla Firefox, Opera and others that can also be applied for PC. Hence the clients can also familiarize themselves with browsing in Mac. It is interesting to note that there are other software’s of windows such as Dreamweaver, or Microsoft office and many other programs that can be used as alternatives for the Mac PC. Since Mac is not the parent software for such programs, this enhances its competitive advantage. Moreover, when compared to its additional style and functionality created to suit different client categories, Apple Corporation. has been gaining more customers due to the additional functionality and change in style.

Recently, according to high tech experts such as Prime Labs, the speed of Apple products has been tested for both PC and Mac. The findings indicated that both for PC and Mac applications, there is ease of opening and ending or closing functionality. The outcome has been that most of the experts preferred Apple products, such as Mac. Consequently, in 2007, Apple Inc. obtained great sales in the iphone products and as of present the company has managed to be very competitive in the global IT industry, in terms of the features, speed, functionality as well as style and elegance. This has created a strong customer base. Many experts believe that Apple Inc. has made a strong cutting edge technology on its products. Apple Inc. has also been very popular in the producing the slide features and the touch screen, fast communication and online computing compared to other brands such as blackberry and android. Currently, the company has been at the fore front to manufacturer various bipod designs and different products to meet the customers needs. Most of the products produced by Apple Inc. have gained popularity globally. Furthermore, Apple Inc managed to sell millions of Ipads in a very short time during its introduction into the market. This was attributed to the innovative features as well as the speed of the products. Most clients are attracted to the thin and light sleek designs that are fully functional.

Apple Inc. launched a device that has the capability to fix problems that previously used to the iPhone 4S battery life. This initiative raised a lot of arguments from clients as well as critics globally. This demonstrates that whenever the company experiences problems concerning its products, the customers will willing to understand the manufacturer by understanding the issue as it arises and at times, they continue to purchase the Apple products in spite of the mistakes they may be making. The most important question is ; how do Apple managed to create so much loyalty with its clients. First, the main reason can be attributed to the late CEO, Steve Jobs. Most clients feel that that have close ties to the company when they think about Steve. Most clients think about how passionate the CEO was concerning the Apple products. He made sure that the company produced products of high quality having an innovative design; hence, this is the main reason why most clients had to be loyal and lenient to the company’s products.

According to most experts, the creation of emotional connection with clients is an area that Apple Inc has done a great job; hence, acquiring the loyalty of clients. On the other hand, brand loyalty has created an important part in the company’s worldwide success. Steve Jobs ensured that Apple Inc, built loyalty with the clients meaning that the company developed transparency and loyalty. This is possibly by embracing the media andthe Internet. In addition, the real cornerstone to brand loyalty requires some efforts in marketing, for instance, Steve Jobs managed to impart the idea to clients on what he believed in which touched the nerve with the target market. The CEO managed to communicate to the world about his belief in innovation, high quality products, and the ambition to strive to bring the best technology in the global market. Furthermore, the mission of the company talks about what it believes in by stating that ‘… Apple is committed to bring the best IT experience to its target customers; such as, students, educators, creative professionals, and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software, as well as, other Internet offerings. This is a strong statement that brings to the minds of clients emotions and the company goes for it. Hence, to the clients, whatever they choose, they go for it.

The global success of Apple is attributed to its mission statement that sounds well in all parts of its operations. Consequently, brand loyalty has been the beginning from the inside out. Clients who purchase Apple’s products understand the passion as well as dedication used in making the products. Clients understand that Apple is a company committed to manufacturing the best quality products such as software’s, which are associated to Steve Jobs. They feel as though they have a passionate and emotional relationship with the company and that is why they are happy with the products. Brand loyalty means that clients will stick to the firm even if competition leads to reduced prices. Instead, the revenues are kept high in order to retain the market share. This confirms why brand loyalty is one of the greatest priorities for most firms. Thus, a company should understand how it connects with clients in order to start a new movement that you believe in and success will follow. Brand loyalty is a common understanding commitment to what the company takes to deliver the corporation’s set of capabilities and experience to attract clients. However, this may not be regarded as a corporate culture. The company’s values fuels a passionate collaborations that delivers excellent products and services.

The late CEO Steve Jobs is another crucial factor to know about Apple Inc. A lot of media associated Apple Inc. with him since he has been watched as the main architect of many of Apple's astounding products; hence, the major reason of its success. The presentations that Steve Jobs use to make at the company’s events have been noteworthy and regarded as revolutionary as well as electrifying. As stated in previous reports, the status and health as Steve Jobs and the ties into how investors value Apple, is the main reason why the company has many followers. The presentations made by the CEO to most presentations are mostly not easy to compare. Many considered him to be on a league all his own. According to many people Steve Jobs was one of the most charismatic leaders in the present day business. The man made very important and brilliant that presentations that were very motivate to most clients, employees as well as investors.

Steve Jobs was known by many as a very innovative leader. He was considered as both an entrepreneur and intrapreneur. Both the company and the CEO made new technologies that were available for many people and the products were very creative and innovative. He was very common and specifically very beneficial in using the term intrapreneurship. Jobs argued that to be an effective intrapreneur, there is a need to take more strides than just creativity or an idea. He claimed that to be a successful intrapreneur, an individual must have the willing heart to encounter any challenge or face any risk when pushing for any risk. According to Steve Jobs, an intrapreneur is an individual who is freely willing to attend to his or her work. In addition, he must be focused on the corporation's mission. An intrapreneur must be willing to live his job in defense of intrapreneurial objective. The CEO, Steve Jobs, clearly demonstrated the virtue of intrapreneurship in order to achieve success. The term had been referred to as  the secret to success.

One of the greatest achievements of the company is the success that it has achieved in its retail stores. Apple has over 320 retail stores that are located in several countries. These retail stores employ over 30,000 employees. The employees are paid better salary than their competitors are. Thus, being an Apple is a great advantage. The company is also looking foreword to hire very creative managers who will be responsible to sell product on their show floors. In addition, Apple’s employees are dedicated to serving their potential customers, and they are offered   a very attractive pay pack for their work. In the last decade, the company however, expanded into a very intricate company that specializes in manufacturing many products more than just computers. After breaking the barrier with its IPod, in 2001, the company became a leader in the music industry. It achieved this status in the year 2007 after the innovation of the Iphone that dominated the market and become very successful in the global market.

Evaluation of the value inquiries of the company is not easy since it competes with many different industries through the many different markets in takes part into. Due to various reasons that come from its philosophy of comprehensive aesthetic design to its distinctive marketing strategies, the company has established itself as a unique reputation in the IT industry. For instance, one of the most unique things is a strong customer base, which has become very important in understanding the success of the company.

While marketing strategy forms the major part of the success of the company in various ways, one of the most astounding things to note the product design of the company. This is the manner in which Apple interacts with its business model. Furthermore the company adopted a one-size-fits-all approach. This meant that Apple have a small number of physical items in its product portfolio when compared to competitors in the IT industry hence, gives no room for physical tailoring of a product. In addition, this enables the company to purchase huge amounts of components and runs fewer variations of production lines. On the other hand, economies of scale enable the firm to achieve greater margins and still offer value to the customer. Moreover, the company still shows a higher degree of confidence to the consumer. As a matter of fact, ad irrespective of business models, as well as, production and economy of scale, the company produces smart and cool products at affordable and reasonable prices, which users value for money, at the same time making a profit for the corporation. For instance, iPod provides an exemplary example to this. Initially, the first generation was considered very creative and innovative compared to other competitors in the market at the time. In addition, they were often cheaper, when compared to other products, such as, the iPod that had contemporary Sony offers, and which looked far nicer.

Apple Inc. is a company that has earned a lot of reputation allover the world as one other the most attractive and admired brands by many users. The company has continuously ranked third as the most admired company. This ranking can be attributed to the late CEO Steve Jobs, who has been one of the most notable figures in the IT industry. However, various factors account for Apple’s continuing success as one of the leading market innovators. Most users have argued that Apple’s products are the main reason why the company has achieved success in the IT industry. The company changed ways they operate things starting from the music industry to the design of products and also to engage with the world that surrounds users. The company has also achieved fame as a firm with a full track record of innovation and a strong consumers base  that can be translated into to its renowned respect across business that rank high.

This is other important factor that is quite remarkable with Apple Inc. corporate culture actively fosters an important set of shared values as well as beliefs among employees as well as partners. Another important feature that is central to the corporate culture is a common understanding commitment to what the company takes to deliver the corporation’s set of capabilities and experience to attract clients. However, this may not be regarded as a corporate culture. The company’s values fuels a passionate collaborations that delivers excellent products and services on a yearly basis.

The success of Apple Inc. did not happen overnight. This achievement was obtained in a span of over 30 years and was mainly dogged by the pursuit of excellence, and majorly defined by a design of aesthetic that mainly embraced the perfect simplicity, as well as, an excellent strategy that engineers out of the friction point that led to frustrations   in an environment or usage situations where the products of the company compete. Stories were told concerning the encounters between the marketers of Apple products marketers as well as product designers, such as the late CEO, Steve P. Jobs, all of which underscored the extent to which Apple Inc. will take strides to ensure product quality and innovations.

Considering design as a strategy, some of the anecdotes originated from the experience of the employees. Hence, the most important factor to consider is the sign of consistent and an enduring corporate culture. The culture within Apple Inc. thinks differently and offers a startling contrast to what most corporation think about. For, instance companies that settle just for goods enough. Individuals who have been lucky enough to work in a corporate culture just like Apple Inc. and contribute positively to innovative products that are beneficial in a changing world. Most companies are working hard to copy the best strategies of Apple Inc. In  addition, the company has a clever branding strategy that has moved the giant IT company light years ahead of its rivals in the industry. In the age of media, in which technology tops the list of in-demand products, most products are built on marketing strategies.

Apple Inc. has redefined its branding strategies through blurring the lines between the products and the producers. The company is currently a global leader in technology marketing and it has maneuvered its ways to infuse their products into the collective consciousness. Mac users are dedicated to the Apple products and the culture that they represent such as Apple. Thus, corporate culture requires that clients should always be prepared for change; the changes should be disposable meaning that it should be invaluable and upgradeable. The company has reframed what it means to be a good product. A good product must continue evolving. For instance, according to Kanye West, he recently made a remark that if Apple's CEO really gave respect to the first computer, the current products such as iPods and iPhones would not be available to the users today. The statement meat that Apple has made great changes that have proved its integration into society.  Thus, Apple sells more than just technology and lifestyle. However, while many users recognize the CEO, some of them are not familiar with the co-founders.

There have been developments since Steve Jobs joined the company as CEO. He has been at the focal point of the company’s innovativeness, refereeing to ideas and images and re-building them into new and creative products. Currently Apple brand new products, before the iTunes, controlled the music service industry; there existed other online music stores. Before the iPad made revolutions in the tablet computers, there were other swanky pen tablets, and before the iPhone, made revolutions in the phone industry, there were other mobile phones in the market. Apple Inc. has been a very successful player in the IT industry since they offer the most expensive and very appealing software and hardware towards the everyday people. An average client will feel important, elite, and above all unique. In addition, the branding of the companies products has been a head of their seniors in the industry, such as, Sony. Microsoft and even Google, that is, Apple products, have been considered more than a lifestyle, and technology.

There is no country other than Apple in the market when it comes to the introduction of a new product in the market. Their competitors in the market cannot simply beat the company. The products are described as revolutionary, intuitive, as well as phenomenal. For instance, Apple exec in everyday apparel is looking very cool, and the users really like the logo. The company’s products play on the average consumers desire to be better, or genius in deed. Apple uses its brand strategy to gain competitive advantage in the market, this incorporates the computer industry with the Macintosh and other related  software’s and other clients electronics, such as, the iPods, iPads, iPhones, and other digital music through its iTunes and the latest iPad.

The branding strategy of the company has been a major feature of its success. The brand of the company is its identity it presents to the public. The company’s corporate identity plays a vital role on how the clients view the company and its products.  Companies that are smart in the IT industry put a lot of effort into the brand management, through designing a brand character that will be appealing to clients. Smart companies produce more than just a name, a brand name is very important since it makes the difference in the manner in which customers chose a particular product over others. Throughout history, Apple Inc. managed to employ a brilliant branding strategy that led to the creation of a loyal customer base. In addition, the company managed to use a digital hub strrategy through the creation of innovative products such as the Mac computers, which is a digital hub for other digital products and services such as the iPod, cameras, as well as, the MP3.

Brand personality is another area that has made the company is successful in the IT industry. The company chose a branding strategy that focuses mainly on the emotions of the clients. The brand personality is mainly about consumer’s hopes, innovations, aspirations, passion, imagination, liberty regained, as well as, the power to the community through technology. The company focuses mainly on the removal of complex issues while at the same time, suing the people driven technology. The company is regarded as a very humanistic company; therefore, it has a very close connection with individual clients. Apple is a company that is cherished by many users and the global community has strong feeling towards the products of the company, particularly among the users of the IT products. In today’s technology world, owning a product from Apple is like a dream has come true (Quinn, pg. 12). Moreover, the brand equity as well as, the clients franchise with Apple Inc. embodies is a very strong element (Wagner, pg 12).

The preference of the Apple products among the clients has kept the company strong and alive. In addition, it provided the company with appropriate sustainability of the business processes. Particularly, its products and services when compared to other giant firms, which are competitors to the firm, in the IT industry. It can be argued that without the price-medium, which the company brand, sustains in most product areas, Apple would have exited the personal computer business many years ago. In the global computer market, several computer vendors have struggled to compete with giant companies such as Dell since they are weaker equity. Apple has made huge advances in becoming more efficient in their logistics as well as operations; however, it cannot be compared to the profits that are made by other the rival giant companies such as Dell (Yin, pg, 43.

Apple Inc. has huge promises and presents the company with huge challenges. Apple products, which are innovative, beautifully designed, highly ergonomic and technology-leading products were designed to fulfill the expectations of users, and to match brand promise. These are fundamental factors aimed at keeping the competitive advantage of the company.  Apple fully understands that customer experience and loyalty are important to the success of the business.  Moreover, through its retail stores, that is located in many key cities, and markets of high quality. The company is improving its distribution capacities. For instance, the company entered into strategic alliances with other firms to have a co-brand or reproduce Apple’s products and services. A good example is the HP which has been a very important selling a co-brand form of iPod and other preloading iTunes on the consumer PCs and laptops.

The company has also made tremendous efforts to increase its accessibility of its products such as the iPods through various resellers who do not currently have Apple products, and has greatly increased its accessibility on the online stores. The consumers of Apple have access of the quality of the Apple stores. However, the stores have no direct pressure environment where clients can get practical help using the clients to have direct assistance using Apple products. Therefore, a community that has an idea what good technology means attributes the overall feeling to the feeling or emotions of inconclusiveness, and feels like, and the manner in which the new technology fits into people’s lives.

Apple is a global corporation that has managed to maintain its monolithic brand identity. Furthermore, all the products produced by the company are associated with the brands identity. Moreover, the company has greatly invested in its IT products such as the iTunes, and currently, the line up of product families includes not just the iPod, iTunes, and other line of products. However, even the company marketing investments in such products are regarded as considerable; there is no single I brand established by the company. The main reason for this argument is because, the prefix ‘i’ is commonly in used by the company to name some its products. However, the prefix ‘i’ is only used for a limited number of products. For instance, some of the products are named as Mac Mini, Mac Book, Mighty Mouse, and QuickTime.

The company had experienced the Ipod and the Iphone halo effect. The company had greatly made profits through the music industry through the iTunes and the iPhones. The company developed this strategy with the main purpose of boosting the music industry and helps it have an effect on the computer business.  The company is making use of its products such as the iPhones and the Ipods to create the Apple brand image. The company developed this initiative so that these products could attain a high appealing brand image for the company according to the perception of the consumers. Thus, any product related to Apple’s logo is seen in money terms. For instance, the company initiated the iPod halo effect that greatly helped to create an interest for the company computers through the success of its products in the market. This has been a very successful move, since the conception of the iPod; Apple Inc. has raised revenues in the sales of its products. Several years ago, the aspirations of the company regarding its iPod halo effect were highlighted most strongly when the company utilized its slogan from the creators’ iPod, when it was under promotion to the iMac G5 computers. Under this stance, the company’s brand became known as full-circle-having been created with a branding system hat originated from the PC market, and later leveraged  into the consumer electronic industry, and later back to the consumer personal consumer market.

The strategy of the company seems very clear n utilizing its fame of the iPhone product to break back into large corporations; hence, leading to Apple Macs, this is very prevalent in various large firms. In addition, this is also prevalent in large laptop bags used by senior and middle level supervisors or managers in most large firms. In addition, the MacBook Air is also clearly aimed at this type of market segment. The final success of the company is attributed to its branding strategy that has been very successful. Most of the company’s revenues obtained from the computer sales, most in the retail sector are to users who are new to the Mac Computers. The sales that the company made have been on the increase. Most of the revenues obtained from the corporation are obtained from sales in the retail sector. The retail sales target customers who are new to the products. Apple has recorded increased sales since the year 2006. Previously, annual financial reports obtained from the company’s website indicated that the company recorded increased sales, particularly in the last quarter.

The company also achieved tremendous gains after the sales of the iPod. The company also extended its innovations and creativity and came up with iPhone, in order to expand its operations to the corporate level. In 2007, the corporation achieved success in its marketing strategies after its launch of the most attractive and highly anticipated products in the mobile handsets. In addition, during the recession period, Apple Inc. has made tremendous efforts. However, it is mystery when Apple recorded awesome results with its premium pricing while the competitors deliver poor results. The main point that can be attributed to this is simply its superior branding strategy.

According to many experts, the company’s branding strategy is its most valuable asset. For instance, Apple is the brand name and is the best-known feature. Branding is the main reason why the company is widely known for its profits. Moreover, its client base makes rational positives and negatives concerning the company through the company’s brand name. In some instances, the brand can be beneficial to a company than the product name as most people relate the brand to the supermarket industry. Apple Inc. has a very strong brand that has evoked the impression of coolness to many people, classy, as well as, technologically superior.

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Over the last few decades, there are two main reasons why Apple Inc. has achieved strong success. First is the launch of the iPod. The product greatly boosted the revenue of the company since it was advertised in a very brilliant manner that attracted many teenagers. The company introduced the iPod with renowned music starts that assisted the company to create demand for it. For instance, the company created a very good product and the Apple brand name boosted the revenue of the company since many users referred to it as the cool MP3. When compared to its rivals, Apple created a value added difference for its products that are different primarily due to the advertising and branding strategy. The other reason why the company has achieved success is due to the support they provided to the Macintosh lines of personal computers also, they advertised the easy way to utilized it when compared to other products such as Vista. Consequently, the company managed to achieve a profit of over 50 %, The consumer base were very loyal and reported back confirming that the product was very stylish and very easy to use. The firms had also achieved great profits that originated from the Halo effect, of the iPods and the iPhone.

Apple Inc has achieved tremendous benefits as company due to its branding strategy. The company is at the forefront to make a brilliant platform in the future. The users of Apple Inc products will consider them as a new generation of superior technology. Hence, this will provide Apple Inc with a competitive advantage, as well as, superior pricing over a long period. This implies that the corporation will maintain its competitive advantage in the IT sector, become a global leader in the delivery of good results that includes average sales, and profit growth.

This paper indicates that Apple has been successful as a result of its strategies of obtaining the reasonable outcome of their activities in critical areas of their operations such as focusing on the needs of the people and not the demands of the products. Most of its products are designed to meet the needs of the people and ensure they are comfortable with the products and the products are able to solve their problems. This is an indication that it is the best way of framing marketing strategies.

This paper also indicates that extensive research is significant in ensuring a product is designed according to the requirements of consumers. The design strategies can be obtained by seeking the opinions of bloggers and their history of ensuring research is done before a product is designed.

Other companies are also able to do the same despite not having a history like Apple. Despite not getting media coverage of what a product you are designing might result into, it can be beneficial to cooperate with the media in designing a product before it is launched. Despite not getting the required popularity, it will provide a foundation to start on.

This paper also indicates that the culture of being revolutionary contributed greatly towards the success of Apple Inc. Apple Company has been instrumental in changing the world in various ways of design of electronic devices. This has made people have a different way of thinking about a product category and the entire electronic industry has been forced to follow these steps. People have also been impressed with the inventions of Apple and they are always talking about them.

It is highly recommended that the company should make more efforts to become a green company in the future. This will be important in ensuring environmental protection as well as reducing environmental impacts at its facilities. However, Apple Inc. admits that most of the emissions from its operations come from its products. The company should make efforts to develop and launch new products that are environmentally friendly. This can be possible by pushing users to upgrade their technology whenever the company finds innovation with updated version. However, the company has managed to build its products with suitable materials that are easy to recycle. Moreover, the products are created to last and it recycles responsibly. The company also encourages the users of its products to engage in recycling the products to enhance environmental sustainability.

It is recommended that any company that needs to be successful in the field of Information Technology marketing needs to follow certain strategies that are certain to lead to success of its activities. Any IT company involved in the sale and distribution electronic gadgets has to ensure the innovativeness is upgraded by encouraging the workers to be creative. This was observed to be among the factors that drove Apple an inch higher than other electronic manufacturers. In addition, it will be recommended that any IT company involved in the dealership of electronic gadgets ensures high priority is focused on research and development as well as investment in test and usability of products.

Lastly, any electronic company that needs to drive its profits high and get an edge over its competitors needs to invest in their employees by ensuring their welfare is well taken care of. The consequence is that they will ensure they stretch their efforts in the right path towards the success of the organization. This is the most powerful strategy for success of any organization. The fact that employees are the main source of labor in any firm indicates that their contribution towards the success of among organization should be focused on.

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