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Volunteering Activities. Custom Volunteering Activities Essay Writing Service || Volunteering Activities Essay samples, help

As a dentist, my main objective has always been to provide not only quality form of dentistry professional service but also work towards ensuring that clients receive value for their money. When I chose to pursue my current career path, my interest in helping others remained the core drive in my undertaking of the plights involved.

I am passionate and possess desire to help the less fortunate people in the society facing various plights altogether.  For instance, I had the opportunity of working at Calliaburg Independent School District. The school comprises of economically-disadvantaged children from rural and small districts particularly originating from North Texas. While still working with these students, I learnt that they came from poor backgrounds whose poverty level was inheritable: from one generation to another. I believe that my passion for helping others had already taken its roots within my inner being, especially because I had undergone a similar challenging learning environment at a school in Louisiana, only becouse my parents put more effort to ensure my accessing quality education. In Callisburg School, I tutored both Mathematics and Science. Also, I took the initiative of conducting flute lessons to 7th graders and at one point, in time, I experienced the lows of my volunteering experience as one of the girls told me that her parents failed to pay fully for her flute and as result, got it repossessed altogether. It is such moments that drive me into working hard and become qualified dentist. Furthermore, the volunteering experience taught me to appreciate matters that seem small and insignificant. Also, I learnt that the smallest matters in life should not be taken for granted. Likewise, I have comprehended that through dentistry, I will be placed at a fair position, over which I can utilize my expertise to help others in terms of providing reasonable health care services to my immediate society as a whole.

Volunteering Activities. Custom Volunteering Activities Essay Writing Service || Volunteering Activities Essay samples, help

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