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The Statement of Purpose

The following section of the application essay is the statement of interests and intent.  In this section I will closely focus on my specific interests, skills and qualifications which correspond to requirements of the professional degree I am going to pursue. Besides, in this section I accentuate the problems the students most commonly encounter and the way I am going to handle those problems, i.e. the essence of my future career activity.               

Primarily I find it necessary to highlight the fact that the choice of my career path was an occasional in its nature. I experience an involuntary job transition when I was obliged to work with Hartford Public Schools and there I gradually came to a realization of the fact that the career path of a Guidance Counselor is the best and the most suitable career option for me. 

I realized that the best professional gratification I receive when I communicate to the families who experience school related problems and when I help them to solve these problems out. My job as an administrative executive involved the obligation to communicate to the parents of their children placement and fulfilling different errands of the administrators.      

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However, gradually I started to comprehend that I am inclined to make a more substantial commitment to the  arrangement of  the adequate support for the families which experience educationally-related problems.  Besides, my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology enabled me to understand the mental behavior of the children and families’ from the professional standpoint.  However, in order to transcend my career limitations I am deeply interested to obtain a Master’s Degree in order to qualify as a Guidance Counselor. Definitely, I will persevere in my academic endeavors and that I will do my best to obtain a good understanding on how the development of the children shall be fostered nowadays in order to ensure that they will eventually succeed nowadays.  Moreover, I am firmly convinced that I will substantially enhance my research skills, what will surely exercise a positive impact on my professional development.                                                                         

Before I depict the specific most frequently encountered problems, I need to accentuate the fact that the appropriate understanding of the children development includes the close analysis of the cognitive, behavioral and educational aspects.                                      

The first problem that is commonly faced by the parents and their children, who are in fact hypothetical students, is the problem of career choice.  One of the most frequently encountered difficulties is that the career path of the children is determined by their parents and the opinion of the children is not considered at all. Having taken several psychological classes I gradually understood that critical thinking  and the  set appropriate approaches is to be taken in order to resolve the problem accordingly. When I deal with the similar situation in the course of my practice, I will do my best to utilize the skills which I will obtain during my studies.  I will consider and always accentuate the individual peculiarities of the specific family and this evaluation naturally requires a profound academic background.                                

Another hot issue nowadays is the lack the education and sufficient financial and other resources of the majority of the families to arrange an effective parental support whereas the children are attending college or university.  Moreover, a great variety of the families contain a single mother or a single father. My task in this case will be to ensure that the resources which are at disposal of the families do meet the educational goals of children or of adolescents. If they do not, then I will be responsible to counsel them about the available alternatives and advise them on the best choice among these alternatives.                    

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Secondly, a vast majority of students nowadays lack skills and interests to designate their own career goals and to implement them.  Assuming that I am prepared sufficiently theoretically, I will be able to close their empirical gap by providing effective counseling and giving them a useful advice.  While counseling students, I will concentrate fully on the individual traits and peculiarities of each student, who will seek my help. In order to organize the proper counseling, I will need to be prepared enough not only practically, but theoretically as well.  To be more exact with this aspect of my future career, I want to put particular stress to the fact that the overwhelming majority of students sooner or later become vulnerable to bullying, the “procedure” which may eventually be very harmful for the mental development of the students.  In this situation my goal is to support the student and their families academically (so that to ensure that their grades do not deteriorate during this stressful time) during the times of intense peer pressure.                                                

Apart from suffering from the peer pressure, the huge number of other problems accompanies students. When the family crisis happen (for instance when the marriage of the parents is on the verge of the collapse) my task is to ensure that the academic performance of the individual student does not downgrade and more importantly that the mental health of this student is not endangered and that he or she is capable of continuing the academic activity.           

Another aspect worth accentuation is the fact that whereas some students are capable of designating and determining their goals, they lack either skills or practical experience to implement these goals successfully. Therefore, another task is to monitor the accomplishment of their goals and to assist them in all possible ways if the fulfillment of the goals in under threat.                                                                                                                                 

Unfortunately, a great many of students and other adolescences are susceptible to become drug and alcohol addiction, child abuse, domestic violence and other negative phenomena.  The inclination  to these socially negative and academically detrimental  activities must be nipped in the bud, otherwise neither career objectives nor social goals of the individual will be eventually accomplished my social task as well as my professional obligation is to ensure that these inclinations have been uprooted momentarily. However, it is evident that in order to detect, identify them and to design and efficacious remedy profound theoretical and practical background is required.  Failure to “diagnose” the problem will automatically lead to the development of the problem and ultimately a respectable member of the community is likely to bog down in crime, drugs and other negative elements of the modern environment.  In order to identify the threat with absolute certainty, I need to be able to conduct a profound analysis of the students’ demeanor and to know the “symptomatic” of the social negative deviations. When they are diagnosed, the next step is to remedy them before the specific authorities intervene.                                                                          

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Overall, having closely regarded the factors outlined above, I reached the conclusion that Master’s Degree is obligatory to succeed with my career objectives. It will provide the theoretical basis and the academic foundation for my further scholarly and professional endeavors. Moreover, I am strongly opined that when my Master’s program will be completed, I will continue my educationally-oriented studies. The process of education is indeed a lifelong and it is necessary to perfect and to refine the counseling skills, because of the fact that the contemporary world is a changing one and there is a need to learn always in order to get adapted to it. The Master’s program will be the foundation step of my academic activity. 

The Statement of Purpose. Custom The Statement of Purpose Essay Writing Service || The Statement of Purpose Essay samples, help

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