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Throughout my learning experience, I have learnt that a part from being closely related, writing and reading involve stages. With the help of my teachers and of course parents during my early days of learning, I have navigated through these processes with much reinvigoration and enthusiasm for writing and reading. Even though there have been challenges and difficulties at some stages, each stage has also imparted me with new knowledge and skills which in turn motivated me. Today writing and reading are exciting and interesting to me. I am not only a ware of the components of these tasks but I have also developed a high level of confidence because of the necessary skills that I have acquired. This high level of confidence has helped me overcome each challenge as it comes. However, I must confirm that for some moments, these tasks became boring, uninteresting and often overwhelming but these were overcomened when I managed to establish my purpose in each case.

My experience with reading

Having moved through various stages from the formation of simple letters to crafting essays, I have come to know that writing involves more sub-skills than any other academic task. To write well requires one to combine multiple of physical and mental processes in one concerted effort to convey information and ideas. From the onset, one has to learn how to move a pen or depress a key precisely and fluidly to come up with letters. One has also to deal with the rules of grammar and syntax to be able to place his or her thoughts in an order that makes sense while thinking a head of what he/she wants to write about.

My experience with writing has not been a smooth one. During my elementary school I developed dysgraphia. Writing was definitely the worst task to me. It was too hard to remember all the instructions the teachers were giving, like spellings and the use of capital and small letters. It became almost impossible to think about how to spell words. It took me too long to be able to write even very short stories. For a long time, I felt that both my teachers and parents did not understanding my situation. I tried many times to overcome this challenge but even after a long struggle my work was still full of mistakes.

As I progressed through school, my teachers were so much concern with my inability to combine tasks. More often, they asked me to do more of writing practices than any other. There were many writing requirements ranging from homework assignments and class work to journals, note taking quizzes, tests and papers. As I moved from one stage to the next, I realized that I had to adjust because even the initially standardized tests were moving towards fewer multiple choices questions requiring answers inform of paragraphs and essays. Slowly, I started experiencing improvements and I could easily compose notes to my friends. With numerous practices and experiences through my high school and now in collage, my skill in writing has greatly improved. Today I can easily tackle more important and complex tasks like writing important letters, reports, book analysis, term papers and essays. My ability to choose appropriate words, tones and formats while observing the rules of grammar has also greatly improved.

My experience with reading

Just like my experience in writing, I have had to pass through various stages in the development of my reading skills. What became so interesting even to me in the earlier stages of learning was that unlike my adverse experience with writing, I developed a positive attitude towards reading at an earlier stage. My parents have always told me the way I used to tell the stories from pictures, read and even sing the names of the alphabet and play with any book I could find near me. Though I couldn’t read by myself, I enjoyed being read for. This enabled me to develop a quick understanding of children related pictures, books and stories even before I knew to read by myself.

During my grade one and at the beginning of my grade 2, I started to learn the relationship between letters and sounds, and that between printed and spoken words. I was able to read simple text with regular words. My language patterns advanced while I learned new words even though my reading was still being understood with much difficulty. However, during my grade two and three, I could now read simple stories with increasing fluency. I learnt to consolidate decoding, sight vocabularies, and meaning context to read stories and selections. I could read about three thousand words continuously. This further improved during my intermediate and junior high school. During this time I read with the intention to learning new ideas and gaining new knowledge. It was this advancement that helped me overcome the challenges I had in writing.

I developed a totally new feelings and attitudes towards reading and writing. I developed special interests in reading textbooks, reference works, trade books, news papers and magazines. These exposed me to new syntax and vocabularies and solved my problem of spelling mistakes in writing. I started to study words systematically and could analyze any piece. I began to enjoy reading than listening and started spending more time with complex fictions and non fictions. During the later grades of my high school, my scope of reading widened to cover a broad range of complex expository and narrative materials. I could easily write a critique on any given materials including books, magazines and newspapers since I was able to analyze multiple view points. These advancements greatly helped improve my skills in formal and creative writing.

During my time in collage, I have learnt to motivate myself to read for my own good. This fact has enabled me to integrate my knowledge with others and to synthesize and even improve on my initial knowledge. Today my reading is so rapid and much efficient and I read even more difficult materials.


In conclusion, Learning to write and learning to read is generally a sequential process. I had to progress as writer and as reader from one phase to the next. Each stage gave me the opportunity to build on the skills I had earlier acquired. Reading and writing however combines many skills. Apart from depending on each other they rely on development of other areas. Such factors as the development of one’s fine motor control and vocabulary affects the writing and reading learning processes. These prior experiences are wholly responsible for my current level of confidence and skills in writing. Coupled with my wide reading habits, I can easily write papers, essays that call for integration of varied knowledge and points of view. One thing I am proud of today is having identified and overcame my writing problems early enough. This was very essential for my academic achievements as it worked to improve my accuracy and speed in both writing and reading. 

My Experiences with Writing and Reading. Custom My Experiences with Writing and Reading Essay Writing Service || My Experiences with Writing and Reading Essay samples, help

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