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Music Technology in Ethnomusicology

Ethnomusicology is a term used to refer to the learning of music within a particular culture. Music plays various roles in the society. It has both historical and even psychological messages that it conveys. Almost all individuals in a society participated in the music industry in one way or the other. This field is concerned mainly with the study of non western music though this might not be the case when the term is regarded as anthropology which puts into consideration both western and non western kinds of music. Music plays a very important role in allowing the interactions with other cultures with the main aim of tapping their social, cultural and other valuable aspects of their traditions. Music helps in preserving the culture of different communities and passing it on from one generation to the other. Music has therefore been termed as the most effective way of communication in the community. The advent of recording technology and the commercial recording industry has had a great impact in the music industry. It has affected the method of performing, the scrutinizing process during the time of listening and affecting the level of attention of the listeners of music.

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Technology has played a major role in the development of music industry. There has been great changes and addition of relevant creativity so as to make the music records and music as a whole to be fully established. This is seen through an advancement of music tools such as the piano and violin among others and utilizing the modern or present technologies. The technology also associated with printing press has made it possible for the preparation of sheet music and the music notations.

The technology of music has established a culture of listening to the music at the listeners’ convenience to the time and to the place. The production of recorder music entails the utilization of the producer who gives directions on what needs to done in order to get a quality piece of music. There is also the editing technique which has been implemented which ensures that quality music is recorded and produced. The production of music is not restricted but is to the level which is demanded by the society. This will ensure that the music is widely distributed both locally and internationally.

Technology has influenced greatly the music industry of the recorded music where only acts of listening to the music through the live concerts have been eliminated. People do not have to go to the music / concert halls to listen to music but can as well buy a CD and listen to it anywhere and play it over and over again without any loss of information being passed.

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Due to technology, music is found anywhere irrespective of the location unlike the pats where the music was only found in the learning intuitions’ since they could easily do so as result of possession of money. It is through this concept that the technology has given way to many opportunities in any aspect of music in the music industry. In the application of technology in music, there has been establishment of opportunities to many people especially with the use of computers as the main music technology.

Most composers have now explored the technology for others options of composition especially the electro-acoustic and algorithmic. With technology also, the composers are able to be sound artist who have the authority to all the composition and the actual presentation. This involves the sound synthesis and the programs for manipulating the sounds. This gives them the entire mandate to run the music industry as the commercial elites for the musicians. The professionalism also comes with the technology. This has ensured that people who participate in the music industry are able to achieve the best opportunities in income generating activities.

The performance certainty has been enhanced by the technology in place due to the conversion of the non-real time to real time approach of execution of the sound production. Majority of the traditional music station have being transformed to the modern with the use of technology. This covers the acquisition of computers as they are cheap commodities and applying the technology in all its operations. There is also the overruling of the various strata in music industry especially the marketing, production, recording and supply since the online shops have taken over.

It is due to the technology advancement that the commercialization of the music industry has thrives. There has also been the adoption of the music courses in schools and more so the universities and colleges. This is due to the rise in demand to understand the details of music industry and on how to partake of all its benefits commercially.

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Recording technology and the commercial recording have impacted greatly on ethnomusicology. This has been seen throughout history where development of musical instruments has improved over time. Technology has made the world of music well known to almost all people in the world. It has reduced the cost of production of music hence enabling most people to venture into the field for their careers. Technology therefore plays the most important role in the music industry, from the discovery of music up to date all the changes that music has gone through is attributed to technology. It has made the field of music to attract many professionals who have the passion in the field of music and singing as a talent.

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