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Appropriation in the world of music refers to an aspect where there is an integration of different musical customs. Various traditional musical structures have adopted different aspects of western music in their style. According to Hakim Bey, Western popular music moves faster than other kinds of music. It has, therefore, resulted in the development of collaborative and new hybrids of music. There are various problems that come up as a result of appropriation in the music industry. A major problem involves individual triumph over a group activity. Even though various musicians participate in the production, there may be one whose sound is used and hence the music is attributed to that individual. It is crucial to find out new modes of music production in group effort that will not encourage any forms of inequalities for the musicians involved. Some of these acts have been implemented and good example of the music produced through these means is the Mambazo’s version that was produced by Marvin Winans and Ladysmith.

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An appropriation between the white and black musicians has been seen over time as an act of racism. The government, therefore, bans such kinds of appropriation as they are seen as a move to end racism and apartheid in the society. Clegg who had an interest in Zulu Music wanted to do an appropriation with the blacks in South Africa. The black was not allowed to perform simply because he was a black. The government thought that allowing the blacks to perform on stage was an act that would lead to uprisings among the blacks. It is important, therefore, to stop letting political ambitions to have roots in the music industry. Music should be viewed as a tool that is useful in propagating human values and enhancing unity among the citizens. Racial acts in music industry should be dealt with accordingly.

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Appropriation is also seen as an act that brings about culture erosion. Western music moves at a greater speed than the African music. When there is an appropriation, it is most likely that the cultural aspects of an African music will fade away while those of western music will thrive. It is essential to encourage appropriation that does not bring about culture erosion for either side. An example is where there are aspects of western music that are not acceptable in the African culture, the producers should consult and seek a remedy to the issue before staging their recording. This act will ensure that the music is fit for both cultures. An example of this kind of solution is where artists from various cultures do an appropriation where each depicts his or her own culture. This will ensure that no musician triumphs over the other and no culture is considered to be higher than the other since all have been given the same measure. It is essential to compose lyrics that depict an aspect of harmony between different cultures of the world and at the same time ensure that the sense of identity of each individual is shown.

Appropriation also faces the problem of dynamism. While the world is dynamic, various aspects of dynamism are expected to feature in appropriation. Music seeks to take up various technological expertises that are in the society. Music is the best language in the world that is helpful in the transfer of information to all generations. It should, therefore, be dynamic just like the society.

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Instead of engaging in appropriation there should be collaborations between the artists in the world of music. This aspect will lead to flourishing of music industry since the problems caused by appropriation are addressed fully. This is why Hakim Bey has demanded an aspect of ‘collaboration’ to replace appropriation.

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