Values in Nursing Practice

In conclusion it is seen that Hamric’s core values in nursing practice can be applied in most situations and should be encouraged whenever dealing with a patient to promote the nurse- patient relationship and to promote better patient management and consequent recovery. They should be used in all levels of nursing practice. The core value of advocating for the patient is seen to be important, as it is crucial in patient’s recovery, since it promotes placing of the patient’s needs above all else. The core value of respect for the patient’s environment is seen to be important in the psychological well-being of the patient which has been seen to be important to the patient’s wholesome recovery. The core value of respecting the patient’s community is important too, as it advocates for the social aspect of the patient’s management and subsequent recovery. The other core value of respecting the patient’s cultural traditions is of great importance too, as it aims to prevent unfortunate incidences of misinterpretation of the nurse’s actions, as being offensive or causing unnecessary tension. Maintaining focus on the patient’s disease prevention, restoration of the patient’s health and promotion of the patient’s health are crucial aspects that should be noted during management of the patient.

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