Nursing and HealthCare

Nurses are integral in the execution of healthcare roles and responsibilities. They are responsible for clinical, administrative, educative, supervisory, recording and reporting of, communicative and counseling activities as ably demonstrated in the paper.

Even with all these roles, nurses are restrained to working under a doctor’s supervision or under a doctor’s instructions and observation. This slows down the diagnosis and treatment of a patient especially under emergency situations. Thus, as the author observed, nurses should be entrusted with conducting their roles even in the absence of doctor s if they are familiar with the ailment in question. Consultation is still advised if the case of the patient is too complicated. While prescribing medication to patients, nurses do not take part, yet they are the ones who spend hours with patients in a day and are entrusted with ensuring that all inpatients are attended.

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The nursing profession only limits provision of services around medical facilities and is available only at the time of interaction as provided by the health care centre. As observed in the paper, health care centers should work round the clock to ensure patient satisfaction. For patients with critical conditions, nurses should check up on them even after they leave the hospitals, as it monitors the progress based on the medication provided instead of waiting for the patient to return in a worse condition.

It is a troubling sight when patients are crowded in a hospital because it is considered affordable. This leads to difficulties in maintaining cleanliness of hospitals, managing the patient number turn-out, in comparison to the number of practitioners and attending to all patients on time. Healthcare facilities should be well-managed, and in so doing promote the ability of the nurses and doctors to work effectively to the benefit of the patients.

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