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Informed Consent

The informed consent has been obtained for treatment of sally, but few things have not been disclose about Sally’s status. The informed consent states that the patient should be informed about his treatment and by obtaining the consent from the parents it means the surgery is performed according to the professional code of ethics. Treatment done to the patients should follow the right procedure and meet the required medical standards, and the practitioners should treat with truthfulness and honesty. Honesty and faithfulness is obtained by acquiring informed consent. Already this aspect is present in the treatment and the process can not put our career in jeopardy. This issue of Sally’s pregnancy brings about confusion. Always in medical practice conflict arises between the ethical values and moral values, and in this situation the practitioner should consider the decision which benefits both parties.

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In this situation I will not have any other choice but to safe the life the mother and do a way with the child, because this have not been revealed to many people even the parents. The information consent has been acquired, and this makes the practice ethical. The point of pregnancy is not known by the parents and many people, and this makes it more confided for the practice, because people will not question. The principal of autonomy requires that, the patient should make decision if to undertake the treatment or not but in this situation the informed consent has been acquired, and the practice should take place. The acquisition of the consent means that the patient has accepted the treatment, and the duty of the practitioner is to safe the life first. The main purpose of treatment is saving the life of patient, and the only way to help Sally is to make sure she survives even if it cost fetus life (Appelbaum et al, 1987).

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The pregnancy will remain secrete until the operation is through, because if the parents notes that Sally is pregnant they might change their minds and decide to abandon their daughter or suggest that the fetus should be saved. According to principal of Biomedical Ethics, beneficence is the most important value in medical practice. The life of the patient should be saved. The process of saving the life involves surgery and in this situation the principal needs to be addressed in full. The only way to safe the life of Sally is to disregard the fetus which remains a secret to many. This will remain secret, and I will only inform Sally about the situation and all what had happened when she recovers fully. The application of the concept of Beneficence allows the life of Sally to be saved and disregard what ever that can make her treatment not done perfectly to safe the life (Byrne, 1996).

The principal of non-maleficence states that, no harm should be imposed to the patient. The patient should receive the treatment without being harmed. It is crucial to treat the patient and avoid death while undergoing treatment. Many people have made people to loose their lives during treatment, and they say, “The treatment was successful but the patient lost her life”. In this case, in order to safe Sally’s life this principal needs to be addressed, since the parents have the consent of their daughters treatment the only thing to do is to safe the life without harm. In this situation the patient is Sally and the fetus is not receiving the treatment. The way forward is to safe the life of Sally without harming him. When we consider the fetus we can compromise the life of Sally and harm her during the treatment. The treatment of Sally needs to be effected as quickly as possible since the life is in dangers and by application of Beneficence principal the life should be saved first, and informing people about the pregnancy can cause delay, because people will start bringing up their views about the issues. The only way to safe Sally is to commence the operation without informing other people who may cause delay of the treatment (Jeffrey, 1975).


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The main aim of treatment as stated by James Childress and Tom Beauchamp in the principal of Biomedical Ethics is to safe the life of the patient. In this situation I will safe Sally’s life, and then disclose other information when Sally recovers, because by disclosing can cause delay and other options. Sally can still have other children so by doing away with the fetus can not affect her life.

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