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Pediatric Class Project

Accidents in children are common phenomena, they accounts to quite a portion of mortality amongst the children. This is so because children are vulnerable since they are eager to explore their surroundings and as they learn and discover new features around them; they do so with disregard to the dangers around them exposing themselves to possible risks. It may not be possible to eliminate all the risks surrounding our children since in the process of learning and experimenting with new things, minor injuries will occur frequently but it is possible to avail a safe environment and that will drastically lower the risks involved. This paper will analyze how to prevent accident from preschoolers and keep our children safe.

On mentioning the word accident, what comes in many people’s mind is traffic, fall and other potential outdoor accident causes. However on taking a closer look, most accidents happen in the place we all consider safest, that is home. We focus some much on the outdoor safety neglecting the possible risks at home; this exposes the youngest, preschoolers to many risks and as a result many accidents occur there. An astonishing fact is that most of the accidents can be prevented from occurring if only some measures are observed (Hatfield, 2007).

Quite often we hear parents murmuring regrets, if only I had done this, that accident would not have happened. People often wonder; what can I do to prevent accidents from occurring especially at home? The answer to this is quite a simple one; make your home a safe place for the children to grow. This does not involve massive investment as it might sound but requires just the basic caution in the way one handles stuff around them. Like for instance: keep sharp objects out of reach of hildren, always use a seat booster while driving with the kids, don’t allow children to play with plastics especially large to cover the head, monitor them when they are eating to avoid choking, do not allow them to climb on high point where they are likely to fall, keep medication away from them. The list is long but it entails ensuring that no potentially harmful products that are within the rich of children since their eagerness/curiosity makes them want to experiment with everything around them.

The responsibility of ensuring the safety of the child does not entirely lie in the hands of the parents/caretakers alone, the society and everyone has a role to play. Any child within your vicinity; it’s your responsibility to ensure their safety. Whether you are driving, swimming or whatever activity you are in, you should always be able to pause and give that child exposed to danger some attention. Some of our personal habits expose them to dangers like: drinking while driving, leaving plastics within their vicinity thus it is clear that we are directly responsible for their safety. The government as well as the city planners should include children’s crossing points, slow signs along play grounds, signs of deep edges in the swimming pools amongst many other infrastructural measures to improve on the children’ safety.

Another major step towards ensuring the safety of the preschoolers is through teaching them. The children should be given specific instructions as to how they should react in case of certain occurrences. These include among others: giving them instructions as to how they should react in case of fire, if a ball roll towards the road, in case they see an approaching pet or other animals. They should as well be taught their address and the name as early as possible thus they can be traced back to their home in case they lose contacts with the parents. This is important as it will cover the gap that is left by the fact that the caretaker may not be always around the children, and that will enable them to start learning how to be responsible as early as possible Hatfield, 2007).

It is important therefore to recognize that most of the pediatric accidents occur at home and this should be an eye-opener for caretakers to prevent injuries, which is the best management strategy. Places like the kitchen where most accidents occur should be kept out of bounds for children or they should be supervised while they in there. Some of the methods employed to impact on injury are active and passive methods. Active methods involve the use of education and awareness campaigns by the caregiver. Passive interventions include safety legislations included by manufacturers of products that may be deemed dangerous to the children. Examples include lowering temperatures for cooking ware or water temperature ratings. Water temperature is important especially in preventing scald injuries. Passive prevention can also include better building codes including smoke detectors, safe electrical wiring, and sprinkler systems (Toon, et al, 2011.

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From the above, it is clear that the responsibility of ensuring the safety of our children lie largely with the adults. It is upon us to take care of the preschoolers; it is our responsibility to create a safe atmosphere for them to grow in, to teach them how to take care of themselves. It is also upon as to learn all the necessary steps that we need to take in case an accident occurs. For instance one can enroll for a first aid class so that he/she can respond without panic in case of anything.

Pediatric Class Project. Custom Pediatric Class Project Essay Writing Service || Pediatric Class Project Essay samples, help

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