Health Education Plan

Importance of Health Education

Good health is every prudent individual’s and governments’ or societies joint responsibility. Good health in this case not only applies to the physical well being of an individual but also includes the community at large. Good health as a responsibility implies that every individual must make an effort to acquire good health and should be held accountable for their physical and mental wellbeing. The government is also responsible for availing good health as an option by ensuring health care is accessible and affordable for everyone. Individuals, to a certain extent, are accountable to themselves and to other people for their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The society, to a certain extent, is also responsible for people’s health.

This paper is a critical examination of a health promotion problem for an at-risk group or population in the United States.  It endeavors to develop a health education plan targeted for the population at risk of health services access, HIV, cancer and use of tobacco and others like health care associated infections, food safety, and social health determinants in the community. The social health promotion developed to help the disadvantaged group is the MAP-IT. MAP-IT stands for Mobile Access Promote Implementation Track. This is a priority problem and a vision of the year 2002. By pursuing the health promotion problem, this group’s 2020 vision will be shared. It has been estimated that by the year 2020, there will be a healthy Nation. Thus, the health problems affecting the youth will be solved. The specific health risks are HIV, cancer and use of tobacco and access to health services.

United States Health Department and Human services, for the last 20 years, has its health representative’s agencies. Agriculture, Housing, Education and Urban Development, Interior, Justice and Affairs in Veteran and other agencies have been part of the Federal Interagency Work Group, forming the health status of a nation objective. The present efforts to achieve healthy People of 2020, has come up with pertinent areas of focus   inclusive of the obvious ones – health services access, HIV, cancer and use of tobacco. Six hundred objectives have been formulated by the Federal Interagency Work Group to promote public health.  To aid accomplishment of these in the community, Healthy People 2020 makes use of improving community framework by the name MAP-IT.

Standing for Mobile Access Promote Implementation Track, MAP-IT is a community of public health intervention for planning and evaluation framework. Both long serving and short serving   professionals of public health can use MAP-IT to establish a healthy community. Learning MAP-IT, needs much time, effort, and many steps to ‘map out’ the way to achieving the required community change.  Several of these steps need to be done many times since there is no approach which is exactly appropriate. By use of MAP-IT, each step is taken at a time; a plan with the right structure is to be applied by a group that is targeting particular needs of the community.

Health Education Outcomes

The Health Education Outcomes of MAP-IT are as follows: The first outcome is health oriented organizations and mobilization of individuals which are concerned with the health community organization. There are also areas which need the most assessment in the community, together with the strengths and resources that can be put to solve the issues of the affected areas. It is necessary to create a planning approach with the emphasis on the vision of the community, strategies, and steps which are aimed at the vision achievement aid. Lastly, the Plan should be implemented by the use of complex steps than can be verified and it will cause a remarkable change. 

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The health indicators that I prefer to be changed are the health units in the different states of America. The Healthy North Carolina will have the responsibility of maintaining the initiative on track.  The health staff should avail themselves to the counties of North Carolina to offer support and training, especially to the organization building. It should not be the task of the governor to legalize the Healthy Carolinians project of the counties. Thus, the counties should assess and do an implementation of a plan of action.

The organizers of the mobilization should determine preference of issues of health by the Healthy 2020 as a steering committee. This should be done as an evaluation and means of collecting data on health, checking professional suggestions, inviting comments from the public, and conducting an opinion of resident’s survey. The method of consensus should size down the scope of main objectives to a few health areas of priority and less risk factors of diseases. The few health areas of priority should thus include abuse of drug and alcohol, heart disease, cancer, HIV, Syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases, immunizations, infectious diseases, violence, maternal, injuries and infant health. The key factors leading to these risks can be taken to be insufficient access to preventive care, poor nutrition, tobacco use and lack of physical activity.

Health Plan Objectives

The plan is directed to the community. I have developed steps which include a description of the educational needs, goals, objectives, and methods. The objectives of the plan are to increase awareness of the community and follow through with modifications to reduce drug and alcohol use, heart disease, cancer, HIV, Syphilis, immunizations, infectious diseases, violence, maternal injuries and others. The community should be instructed in order to evaluate and observe symptoms of diseases and seek their treatment as people will be informed of places where they can go for testing, encouraged to seek regular physician appointments.

When priorities are established and data collected, a plan of action is required with deadlines and complex steps. In the phase of planning, the guide used is the vision of the plan and is inclusive of the precise aims so to accomplish them in the plan. Objectives are supposed be particular to every community or issue, and must address the program goal. This will ensure the attaining of the set goals, and a means of progress measure.


The Implementation will focus on the Healthy North Carolina which will be charged with the responsibility of maintaining the initiative on track using collected data.  The health staff will avail themselves to the counties of North Carolina to offer support and training, especially to the organization building. There will no longer be a task of the governor to force legalization of the Healthy Carolinians project of the counties. Thus, the counties will assess and do an implementation of a plan of action.

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Evaluation of Educational Effectiveness

Evaluation of Educational Effectiveness can be analyzed by the use of the collected data. Organizations with basis on community, like the service organizations, business based organizations on communities, and leaders of the community will form the basis of data. In addition, institutions of the community like colleges, schools, libraries, universities, institutions of arts, facilities of exercise sport will be pertinent resources. The value of working with exceptionally strong organizations based on the community should not be underestimated. These groups are crucial to the success of the community.

Evaluation of the plan will give information whether the educational plan was effective, whether we move in the right direction, whether the plan is implemented. The evaluation will   include qualitative (tracking, attitude) and quantitative data (community forums and assessment surveys).

In conclusion, it is very difficult to protect people from themselves. Chronic smokers continue to smoke in spite of serious coughing bouts. Individuals can also succumb to illnesses unrelated to their lifestyles and in such cases the society is responsible for ensuring they can readily access medical care whether or not they can afford it. The paper has done a critical examination of a health promotion problem for an at-risk group or population in the United States where a health education plan targeting the population at risk of health services access, has been done.

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