Is Fast Food Good for this Notation?

Lack of time and hectic schedules caused the necessity of fast food consumption as people have no time to cook during the day. Thus, they depend on the food which is served in public places. Fast food industry is rapidly influencing our diets, the way we eat, economy, workforce, and popular culture. Despite the mount of the taken fast food, the consequences have become inescapable. Fast food had been playing a central role in economic trends, franchising, obesity and other issues.  

Millions of people consume fast food every day, not taking into account the ramifications of what they eat. Most of them do not care about the origin of the food, how it was made and the consequences of such food. In spite of disastrous outcomes for our health, fast food is sold anywhere, at stadiums, zoos, airports, supermarkets, petrol stations, restaurants, and even hospital cafeterias.  

Statistics shows that Americans spend more on fast food than on higher education, press, videos, book, and music combined. Regardless the risks that are hidden in fast food, most consumers appeal to the taste of junk food not thinking about the amount of fats and carbohydrates. The popularity of fast food is also caused by its cheapness and convenience.  As the result fast food consumers face one of the greatest health problems – obesity. The best way to stay healthy and avoid all negative consequences is to resist and to make healthier choices. Moreover, fast food is not nutritious, it is rich in sodium, saturated far, trans fat and calories.

Thus, the risks of fast food are definitely higher than the positive effects. So, if we cannot avoid eating fast food completely, we should do our best to avoid the dependency on the dangerous foodstuff.

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