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Leadership Effectiveness Skills

This is one of the most vital levels of the management development programme as it involves aspects such as the definition of a leader, the secrets of an effective leader, the recognition of effective leadership styles and the leadership communication. In effective leadership, the programme consists of aspects such as the building and motivating a cohesive team, the creation of a shared vision, the creation of an organization culture, the establishment of a predisposition for action via effective actions of getting from paper plans to results in a quick and effective manner, measuring and monitoring progress and finally the strategic planning and successful implementation of initiatives (McCarthy, 2006)..

A manager as leader needs to apply the motivation theories of behavior to his workers, the process theories enable the leader explains how workers in an organization make choices to cooperate or not to on the basis of their personal references, the on hand rewards and the likely work outcomes. The manager should apply theories such as the equity theory that state that people’s behavior in an organization are I n accordance to their perceptions , therefore, rewards seen as equitable should have positive outcome on job contentment and performances (Sidney & Stephen, 1998).



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