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Strategic Human Resource Management Analysis


Any corporate body the role of setting up proper work processes, which manipulates resources and human resource towards the realization of long term and short term goals. All organizations should undergo continuous changes respond to demands of corporate environment. An effective managerial structure requires leaders with relevant skills and experience to have a cut above the rest in the competitive business environment. A number of organizations take measures to commence change in response to needs for innovation and pressure to perform. However not all organizations can manage and initiatives to change, 30%-40% of business organizations succeed in meeting their objectives (Miller, 2002). This essay discusses the modern strategies that can be implemented in an organization in order to achieve high performance standards in the production line and in the management of human resource.

Strategic Plans that can Improve Organization Performance

The Characteristics of Employees

According to Brown and Heywood (2005), positive impacts an appraisal strategy would work best if the workforce is on short tenures, taking into account several logics of argument. This is arises as long term tenure given to the workforce would only make them be motivated by deferred compensation. The result will be an increase in the cost of dismissing employees. In a business environment with high cost of employee dismissal, there will be reduced call for an expansive monitoring criterion. Therefore going by this logic, an effective leader should take a substantive supervisory process to formally appraise performance system. “If the purpose of the appraisal is simply to monitor performance and provide appropriate rewards, we anticipate the appraisal system will be more prevalent for workforces with shorter-tenure workers” (Brown & Heywood, 2005, p. 662).


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In addition, long term employees are likely to develop huge capital accumulation and for this, a leader would be more certain that in the new future its rival firms may increase workers pay. There has to be a reserve to react to such changes for the long-term employees to avoid losing dependable employees. Women have an expected short tenure; hence, they are less likely to be motivated by rewards in the future. This implies that employers with a massive percentage of female employees should adopt short-term reward system. Male workers on the other hand have an expected long-term tenure. Therefore, performance appraisal is likely to be stringer in an organization with a big percentage of female workers.

Effective Performance Tools

However, the most effective strategies would be adoption of TQM and process focused models. According to Lam & Schaubroeck (1999) study shows that process-focused strategy helps in attaining effective performance in an organization given the leads to yields high consumer satisfaction levels, precision in projects appraisal, and overall organization improvement. The effectiveness of process-focused approach shows positive correlation with benefits associated with Top Quality Management, (TQM) in most business organizations. On the other hand, the workforce derives more satisfaction when leadership considers the significance of its role via the indulgence of employee opinions. In this manner, the workforce will accept the proposed outcomes that they were part of. The observations are consistent opinions shared by Taylor et al. (1995) on fair interaction and how this affects appraisal results. Employee actions and thoughts are significant in creating an all inclusive system, which supports a working environment for massive performance.

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Selecting the Best Staff

Staff selection is the process of putting right people on right job. It is a process of harmonizing organizational needs with the skills and qualifications of individuals. Effective selection is realized with efficient matching. A proper staff selecting allows best candidates to join an organization thereby increasing quality performance. In addition, best staff ensures that there are reduced cases of absenteeism as well as employee turnover. Moreover, effective staff selecting also saves time and money. Thorough screening of candidates is carried out during selection process

Selection is different with recruitment. However, they are two phases of employment process. Recruitment is referred to as a positive procedure since it motivates more of people to apply for a job. While staff selection is considered a negative process since the unsuccessful candidates are left out at this level. Selection entails s choosing the best applicants with best abilities, skills and knowledge for the required job.

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Things to consider when carrying out staff selection:

v  Emphasis the importance of punctuality. The staff should be oriented on the need to be punctual at work place.

v   Practice and understand the importance of good customer service. Good customer service is critical to an organization growth and all staff should be taught these skills.

v   Understands the benefits of living healthy. Living health is important to both an employee and employer. To employee it ensure that his or her health is good while to employer it reduces absenteeism

v  Able to maintain and healthy work relationships and partnerships. Team work and respect of other colleagues is critical to a new staff.

v  Has a desire to further education and knowledge in area of expertise.

v  Holds self to moral standards of the company. Moral standards and ethical norms should be observed by all staff members in an organization.

v   Utilities time management skills effectively. Time is precious and all staff should manage time effectively.

v  Can accept constructive criticism with a positive attitude. Positive attitude and acceptance of criticism is good for harmonious coexistence with other workers.

v  Eager to learn and incorporate company rules and regulations. A staff should be ready to learn the organization rule and regulation as fast as possible for smooth running. The ability to work as part of a team.

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Team work is critical in the running of an organization as it encourages harmonious coexistence hence better results. Through team work, problem solving becomes easy.

There are a number of emerging issues in Human resource management and company operations which not only call adoption of new approaches in handling of human resource management but also require a lot of leadership and research skills to successfully and effective manage it. It in this line that HRM practitioners should come out and embrace change so as cope up with ever dynamic and changing discipline of Human resource management. Credit crunch and Economic recession has impacted negatively on most companies across the globe. In this regard, companies and organizations have adopted several change process and strategies such as business partner model to ensure that they come out of economic quagmire. Business enterprises need continuous change management to ensure that they grow and develop. This aspect of change is precipitated by the dynamic nature of business world as well as uncertainty of economic situation. Technological development comes up with new ways and strategies of operation which companies and organization need to adopt to ensure that they effectively compete in the business.

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Performance Measurement

There are many perspectives through which an organization can measure performance. These parameters include time, cost, and quality factors. Achieving performance results would be hard to achieve if focus is divided. Essentially, by dividing and focusing on an issue allows the workforce to channel their energy to specific issues and their achievement be measured individually or in groups. It should however be noted that   

Job Control

The advantage of performance appraisal is that it gauge when workforce is willing to change their routine in order to meet the terms of a given system. Employee monitoring can only take place if they can augment their output level. One way to achieve this result is through putting a managerial system that supports employees to carry out their own duties in response to an appraisal (Brown & Heywood, 2005).  

When the workforce obeys an authority, it would be hard to gauge whether they are taking such actions to avoid punishment or out of will. Transformational and transactional styles of leadership are valuable because of their participatory nature. Through transactional leadership, a leader makes the workers to have self belief that they act in accordance with their leader’s objectives to create their own influences. In addition, a leader’s influence could can also be transformational where the leader brings emotional excitement and inspiration to the workforce, (Wang et al., 2005).

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Monitoring Competencies

Most organizations focus on objectives that may result in more gains, but an special consideration on results could result to under achievement. This is because concentration on how workers accomplish their tasks is of less or little considerations even when their labor yield expected results. Although one can achieve expected results to improve overall performance of a business, working under such state would limit output. “Performance that reflects how an employee accomplishes work is typically evaluated by rating their competencies e.g., communication, critical thinking, managing resources, etc.,” (O’leary and Pulakos, 2011, p. 151). Enacting competencies can defined in terms of expected performance standards within their levels of usefulness. Nevertheless, not any format would apply in various situations at same level of precision and rating of error. The standardizing performance calls for effective communication channel with employees to increase transparency in the process of evaluation.  

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Good Work Place Environment

The changing landscape in people’s management has called for the initiation and implementation of a number of strategies aimed at improving the levels of organizational performance (Stuart 1998). The role of people as a key ingredient in the realization of organizational objectives forms the main reason behind greatest attachment to their well being. A dissection of literature on HRM indicates that a number of companies employ various perspectives to achieve higher levels of employee satisfaction. Human resource development is critical in operation of an organization or a company.

The ever changing competitive today’s world has precipitated the need to adopt an efficient and effective Human resource management which not only help in the efficient running of an organization but also create a good working atmosphere in a company or organization. Towards this, it is advisable for an organization to invest more on Human resource management to improve its efficiency. According to Ulrich, (1997), employee plays an important role in development and success of organization and companies. Every manager in a company is faced with challenges of; increasing the shareholders wealth and profitability of the company. To attain these daunting tasks, Ulrich, (1997) illustrates that, “a firm has to develop a clear management of the effects of the fixed assets and current assets have on the returns and risks.” The work place atmosphere: The work place atmosphere should be conducive for all the employees in an organization. Conducive atmosphere is critical for high performance coupled with high quality of goods and services.


The emergence of unprecedented challenges in running of institutions is great. Health care facilities are not exception in this situation. These challenges have lead to adoption of different strategies to solve the emerging problems. This situation of agency points out the need to adopt a paradigm shift in leadership and management. Health-care and hospital management worldwide are faced by unique pressure generated from enormous health challenges (Munck, 2002). Establishing and sustaining health services that reflect the aspiration of a community remains   vital not only to health care provider but also to governments across the world. The attention has shifted to focus on the hospital leadership and management. The notion that good and dedicated leadership fosters performance is not new.

Situational Leadership

Situational Leadership Model is the appropriate for running an organization. This is because it embraces leadership tenets which not only analyses the situation but also are dynamic to emerging circumstances in a business organization (Tromp, 1998). Business organization is faced with vast challenges and it therefore calls for a flexible leadership style which response to a situation at hand. In addition, this leadership model is easy to understand and implement besides that implementation is less costly. Non-profit hospital institutions strive to minimize cost an aspect which is fundamental in Situational leadership model. According to Pfeffer (2005), “situational leadership model analyses situation at any given period and respond by adopting the suitable leadership style which respond to the requirement of the situation”. In this regard, Situational leadership model which is a modification of the situational leadership model will work best in hospitals and other health care facilities. In addition, models developed around situation leadership concept makes running of health care institution easy since it incorporates behaviors which promote teamwork, collaboration, motivation and conflict management (Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn 2008).

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Setting Standards

Organization standards are rules and regulation which must be followed for smooth running of an organization. Leadership should ensure that all employees are oriented and inclined towards achieving the stipulated goals. However, there should be consequences for failure to bide by the rules and regulations

Staff Freedom

The staff should be free to ask questions and give suggestion on how a number of things should be done. This is quite important in motivating employees and appreciating their contribution to the growth of an organization.

Human Resource Development by Providing Training

Business organizations can expand knowledge and skills of the workforce through provision of training and development facilities. Human Resource Management, (HRM) strategies work effectively together (Brown & Heywood, 2005). HRM methods with internal impacts yield positive outcomes to the. According to Kato and Morishima (2002) employee training and performance appraisal review forums are part of the HMR strategies used to enhance organizational performance. Training helps workers to acquire necessary skill in meeting new labor demands, which in turn improves performance appraisal. One of the responsibilities of HRM is to train workers and this justifies the need for a formal appraisal. “Performance appraisal also seeks to generate improvement of productivity through the monitoring of workers” (Brown & Heywood, 2005).

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Organization learning is a sustainable strategy in establishing change in HRM, which ensures that a firm remains competitive in the market, (Ellis and Spielberg, 2003). Conventional discussions on organizational learning have always centered their learning process on contemporary discussions in two different ways. The first learning process is based on an organizational framework that borrows ideals from cognition development conjecture, also referred to as meaning-based social construction. The other learning process inculcates development, dissemination, and deployment of knowledge-based methods as main assets of developing learning process in an organization.


Human resource management is a significant department in for any given organization. Managing workers call for well structured strategies that would respond to needs of business operations that would not only help in creation of goods and services but also in enhancing performance. From the discussion above, there is no single strategy that can be applied in isolation; but, in accordance to the needs of firms. Leadership must therefore take the organization mantle and chart the best way forward that would best manipulate the workforce and create goods and services to the satisfaction of the customers.



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