Cash Flow Management

There is a marginal difference lies between the definition and concept of accounting and finance. Accounting is a term used to record and maintain the financial data while the strategies needs to used the company’s funds at a place from where the likelihood of earning would be on a higher side (Charles & Jones, 2007). Financial reports are the end products of an organization which has been published for different internal and external users of an organization.

There are basically four components of a financial statement or report which predominantly are income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and change in equity. All of these components show the financial strength of a company as a whole. Among all of these components, the importance as well as significance of cash flow is quite vital because without this thing no organization can be in a state of economic prosperity (Charles & Jones, 2008).

Prediction and forecasting is one of the most important aspects from the standpoint of organizations and every business adopts these things in order to predict its future earnings. The main perspective of this assignment is to jot down the cash flow of a company for forecasting purpose. It is basically an event management financial type of work and all the data which has been taken into consideration are hypothetical and there is no recognition of it with the originality. Table and figure would be mentioned below to complete this piece of work. Income statement as well as Cash flow for six months is mentioned below along with the charts

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