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Health care management information systems are designed to provide the necessary information for successful management of health care facilities. They are used for analyzing other information systems that are applied in the activities of operation of health care facilities. These systems are thus essential in the day to day management of duties.  The effectiveness and success in the implementation of these systems depends on a number of factors. Chiefly, the success depends on how well the organization undertakes the implementation of the systems. This entails carrying out a thorough investigation to assess the need for management information systems and also the areas of application that will be supported by such a system.

Success also depends on how flexible a particular health care system is in respect of incorporating its entire staff in the implementation of the management information systems. For a health care management system to succeed, it must be able to support an organization's long term development plan. It should be able to provide for reports that are based on performance analysis in all critical areas that are relevant to the development plan. Besides, a good health care management system should not only monitor the progress of things but also why the progress is not going as initially planned (Tan & Payton 2010).    

Implementation of a sound health care management information system requires planning so as to ensure that the implanted system is able to meet all its objectives as initially intended. Developing a management information system is tedious process that requires heavy capital investment as well as time. Therefore the implementation of such a costly system should be carefully done so as not to bring heavy losses to an organization. Further, it is important to carefully plan for the implementation of a new management information system so that it is able to meet all the informational needs of the organization.

A carefully planned health care management information system incorporates all of the concerned parties and addresses all informational needs of these parties and is at the same time able to coordinate the flow of information between the various information levels in an organization. Further more, careful planning of the implementation of a management system reduces the possibilities of redesigning the system again in case the initial one fails to meet all its objectives as was originally expected. This reduces costs and in the long run helps the organization channel funds to other development areas that might be in need of financial redress. All this can be achieved if the design and implementation of the system is carefully done (Tan & Payton 2010).

It is imperative that the end users of an information system are involved in the design as well as the implementation phases of the system development. End users are of importance in several ways. First, when involved, they are able to learn how the system works, its features as well as the informational requirements of the system. Secondly, end users can criticize the effectiveness of the system and in the process provide a lot of valuable information on the specific features of the system that ought to be reviewed. Additionally involving end users in the implementation of a management information system instills in them the sense of recognition which in turn inspires them to accept the new system. This helps avoiding potential difficulties arising out of failure by end users to fully adapt to new systems (Tan & Payton 2010).

End users can be involved in the implementation of management information systems by encouraging them to freely volunteer some information which they may think will help the organization meet its information needs. They can also be involved by regularly assessing their informational needs with the view of eliciting some information on key areas that need serious redress.

System Implementation & Management. Custom System Implementation & Management Essay Writing Service || System Implementation & Management Essay samples, help

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