Project Management in Construction

Critical path method (CPM) is a method used to take care of problems that arise incase an industry or part of an industry is closed down for maintenance. This method offers a graphical outlook of the plan. This means that it provides the components involved in the project under consideration. CPM also gives a timeline within which the project is completed. This helps the parties involved to plan well for the project. Moreover, this method provides information on more critical and less critical activities involved in the maintenance schedule (Levy, 2005).

According to Levy (2005), an addendum provides adjustments to constructions documents after bid documents are sent to the contract. Most importantly, this should take place 8 days before contractors turn in bids. Moreover, it happens before the bidding day so that contractors do not get confused. On the other hand, bulleting provides alterations after contractors submit their proposals. However, this takes place after the owner of the project has signed a contract with the successful contractor.

Levy (2005) insists that proper documentation generates a history that makes it possible for referencing when related jobs with equivalent tribulations come up in future. This is essential because it will save time. Proper documentation also provides adequate and reliable information that helps a new manager continue with the project incase of project reassignments within the organization. It also provides information that ensures one's memory is not entirely depended upon in the reconstruction of certain project segments even after the project has been completed. Documentation also prevents future disagreements and misunderstandings because there is documentation of verbal communication. This process provides details incase of intervention, intercession, or legal action.

Levy (2005) divulges that shop drawings are the drawings engineers make and distribute to the shop floors so that the fabricators can make use of them. As-built drawings are items having an opposite formation; moreover, it is labeled as the opposite side. Fabricators also use them in their operations.



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