Organizational Analysis Poster


This poster is a preliminary document to a report on the analysis of the human resource management issues facing organizations, with Dimension Data Australia, a global Information Technology service and solutions provider operating in 49 countries across the world, as the company of reference. The issues of workforce management to be addressed in the report include the recruitment of employees in the organization, remuneration of the workers, and the strategies used by the human resource managers in motivating and retaining human resources and approaches used to contribute to the job satisfaction and fulfillment of the employees. Extensive research and analysis of information in contemporary human resource management will used in compiling the final report in order to come up with appropriate conclusions and recommendations on the best human resource management practice for Dimension Data Australia.

Organizational Analysis

Dimension Data Australia, the focus of the report, will be analyzed by reviewing its company profile, human resource management issues facing the company, and describing the potential responses to these issues through the application of current human resource management (HRM) theories, concepts and practical applications. Dimension Data is a company specializing in provision of information technology (IT) services and solutions to help their existing and prospective individual and corporate clients to design, build, and manage their own infrastructures of IT. This company was founded in 1983 in South Africa and currently operates globally in 49 countries on six continents, with Dimension Data Australia being its Australian branch.

The choice of Dimension Data as the company to analyze in the report is greatly influenced by the human resource management strategies that it employs in its operations to the extent of acquiring the accreditation of the company as the Hewitt Best Employer in Australia by the Aon Hewitt Associates, a top Australian human resource consulting and outsourcing firm that carries out yearly analysis and ranking of the best employers on the continent. In that case, this paper focuses on the recruitment of personnel, awarding of salaries to organizational staff, and the strategies utilized in retaining the employees in the organization, factors that are of paramount influence to the management of human resources (HR) in the organization. The discussion section of the report will explore these human resource management issues affecting Dimension Data Australia in the light of the application of HRM theories and concepts in resolving the issues.

In particular, a thorough discussion of the various theories that can be applied in resolving those critical workforce management issues will be done to come up with appropriate strategies of dealing with recruitment, salary, and staff retention in the organization. In analyzing the organization, the internal factors to consider include the management of the workforce at the company while the external factors of importance include the governmental and regulatory body regulations regarding employment and human resource management issues in Dimension Data Australia. Specifically, the following human resource management theories will be described and applied in the report: Resource-based Theory; Human Capital Theory; Expectancy Theory; Equity Theory; and Institutional Theory. Towards the end of the report, conclusions will be made regarding the appropriateness of the discussed models in managing the important human resource issues in an organization and finally, recommendations will be made to the human resource managers at Dimension Data to guide their management plans and strategies.



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