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Some trends exist in today's society that serves as the driving current interest in the cultural aspects of counseling. This is a fact that is based on the realization of a diversity of cultures which are associated with divergent behavioral patterns, ways as well as norms of life.  The field associated with cultural as well as linguistic competency, cultural diversity in addition to other closely related themes, exists in a change continuum. One area in organizations that has attracted significant attention in regard to the trends of today's society that is driving current interest in the cultural aspects of counseling relates to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Ayalon & Alvidrez, 2007). 

Striking of disparities in intellectual disabilities and health requires a foundation that provide for the effectiveness of multicultural behavior in addition to developmental services is an important accomplishment in today's society and organizations. There has been a growing recognition among the system stakeholders about the existence of discrimination coupled with oppression within the society. These acts are manifested in a wide array of forms based on the level of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that a person may suffer. It is the responsibility of the staff along with the system stakeholders to contribute significantly towards the mitigation of discriminatory effects that go along with such barriers. It is important to account for the cultural competencies through a proper understanding of the developmental as well as an evolutionary process in as far as individuals, organizations and systems are concerned, which incorporate creation of awareness, knowledge in addition to skills at varied levels.

Importance of cultural and linguistic standards in organizations

In organizations today, it is important to consider cultural and linguistic standards. This is achieved through assessment of the attitudes, the practices, the structures as well as the policies inherent in organizations that contribute to the health status of individuals. This is the most effective as well as the systematic approach of incorporating the cultural as well as the linguistic competencies. Innovative instruments along with processes should be put in place that will facilitate carrying out self assessment practices for the organizations as well as their personnel. All processes leading to self assessment are beneficial to the practitioners through the improvement of their awareness. They are also responsible for influencing the attitudes in as far as practice is concerned coupled with the motivation of knowledge as well as skills development.  The trend that organizations should adopt is towards more group counseling in that it is simply cheaper (Betancourt, Green, Carrillo & Park, 2005).

Organizations require adopting of some important guidelines that facilitate the development of cultural as well as linguistic. This is achieved through implementation of specific strategies that help the organizations towards the development of values dealing with processes that will facilitate the appreciation of diversity that create an enabling environment for a cross cultural work in the most effective manner. The starting point deals with addressing the attitudes, the values as well as the behaviors of individuals coupled with the values, the policies, principles as well as the structures of the institution that hamper or prop up diversity. The organization should be made to move through the processes of development which is achieved through the cultivation of the capability of conducting self assessment, managing the dynamics associated with differences, acquiring as well as institutionalizing the cultural knowledge and the adoption of diversity in addition to the cultural context of communities being served (Betancourt, Green, Carrillo & Park, 2005).

The accomplishment of such processes are resourceful in the building up of  a framework of a cultural competency and it is vital to consider incorporating them in all the aspects related to policymaking, issues of administration, practice as well as the delivery of services. "Building of the cultural competence capacity of the organization in addition to the infrastructure is made potent through the involvement of the consumers, the stakeholders and the community members which is considered as a position that is consistent with Joint Commission" (Ayalon & Alvidrez, 2007). 

Current and future expectations that consumers

Current and future expectations exist that consumers will have of organizations and counseling services given the current trends and emerging standards. The current expectations of consumers are that the organization will uphold integrity and diligence in its work for utmost consumer satisfaction. For example, that the organization will amicably apply the above mentioned standards to ensure acceptability to the society. Use of easily understandable language is central to the good interactions with their clients. Moreover, they expect that the organization plays a central role in the solving their problems without discrimination thus remaining fair and fearless in the course of their duties.

By remaining neutral, they will not single out individuals in relation to age, race and gender among other quantitative and qualitative variables. In future, the consumers hope to see better conflict resolution strategies with a view that the universe has turned to be multi cultural, they are optimistic that the organization will be abreast with issues relating to culture and language to enhance cordial relationship with their clients (Ayalon & Alvidrez, 2007). 

In conclusion, keen observance of cultural and linguistic standards is determinants in the overall success of an organization. Therefore such measures as militating against effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder should be the ingredients in maintaining credibility of the organization to its workers. This can be achieved through cultural counseling whereby the staff is briefed to accustom themselves with the varying cultural beliefs and ideologies inhibited by different people.

Cultural Aspects of Counseling. Custom Cultural Aspects of Counseling Essay Writing Service || Cultural Aspects of Counseling Essay samples, help

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