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The Personnel Manager

In numerous organizations, it is the task of the personnel manager to manage the welfare of the employees. This responsibility also stems to the performance of the employees, and that is why many organizations need them. This role is important since nobody can run an organization that is expanding without the help of this type of manager. Therefore, for the sake of retaining good employees and expanding a business well, there is the need of employing such managers. The paper discusses in an in-depth manner the roles of personnel manager.     


In an organization, the function that is played by a personnel manager is indispensable. This is because the success of a company is usually dependent on the role that the employees play. The main function of the manager is to screen the employees and in addition to that, to interview them. This is an important fact since it will guarantee that only the best employees will have a position in the business or organization. This interview and screening are essential since it will mean that the right employees would be given positions in the organization which suit them the best. It is imperative to note that this is essential in maintaining positive correlation amongst workers. This, in return, would mean that there is a positive growth in all the branches of the workforce. The personnel manager is also termed as the human resource manager. The other key role that is a requirement in an expanding business is the overseeing of the training process. This would mean that the manager would be involved in the development of the programs that are essential in setting the entry level to the organization. The manager is also indispensable since he or she is involved in the creation of opportunities in the continuing education for the employees that are already working in the organization. Personnel management is also essential due to some additional reasons. Key amongst those reasons is that the manager is an important member when it comes to determining the policies and procedures that would be used to guide the whole business (Bach & Sisson 2000). This is because they are related to the personnel of the business. There are numerous needs of employees that require the attention of a professional, therefore, in order to come out with the best out of them. There is the need to relate the ideas that put them together. This is where the personnel manager plays a major role. The benefits that an organization provides to the employees need to be constantly monitored, and this is a key function that the personnel manager plays. This would include administering advice to employees on health insurance plans.


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In order for an organization to succeed, there is a need for the senior managers to follow a certain course of ideas and relations. The main role that he or she will play in the organization would be to draft a handbook that would be used as guidance in the daily operations of the business and would include the work ethic that is expected. This in the end would lead to a motivated employee who would be focused on one path hence the positive growth of the business. This, in fact, is one of the key reasons that these kinds of managers are usually employed in organizations. The handbooks that are drafted by these employees have some advantages. First, these procedures contain the requirements that are set forth for employment. This means that it sets forth the disciplinary procedures that would be taken if an employee is found to have violated certain rules. The handbook also contains the levels that are to be adhered to by employees in order to be given commendation. The handbook is also very essential since it is put together with advice from legal practitioners hence there is a minimal instance that it may infringe the law. Most of the rules are set forth by the employees since the personnel manager in collaboration with the members of the staff are the ones who put it together. The other key role that they play in an organization is taking care of the emotional needs of the employees. This is with the view that a satisfied employee will always work the best in any organization. It is imperative for a company to ensure that the employees that it has are assets rather than liabilities, and the only way to make sure this goes through is including a person who acts as a listening figure and would help in giving ideas, and in an overall sense he or she would help in creating an alleyway that employees can air their grievances. Therefore, the role that the personnel manager plays in these situations is identifying the employees that have emotional needs and then offering them advice as well as seeking guidance and counseling services for them. This is a role that not any individual in the organization can play. It is consequently evident from the foregoing literature that the manager will have to set aside some time for the employee to receive treatment. This would mean that the employer would be willing to come out with the best out of the employees indirectly, and it would motivate the workforce. This, in addition, would mean that there would be a rescheduling on the work pattern in order to fill up for the missing employee, and this is a task that can only be performed by the personnel manager as he or she is in a position of knowing the routine better (Reddy 2004). The same aforementioned issue means that there would be rise in costs, and this is the part where the manager will have to look at the situation and devise a way forward for the payment. This would either be through insurance or just via funds from the business. The management functions in an organization are diverse. Therefore, it means that there is the need of putting a single person or people to work jointly with the managers in order to come up with the best out of what the organization expects.  Due to the size of London Taverns Ltd it is important to include a number of personnel managers that would ensure constant cooperation from the employees. Although this may seem like a costly affair, in actual sense it is important since it would lead to the increase in terms of knowledge by the employees.

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The C.E.O cannot keep track of the happenings in large organizations, and this is where the personnel managers are needed. It is hard to identify the needs of the employees in the organization single-handedly due to the complex and diverse nature of the needs of each employee. Therefore, it is important for an organization to come out with ways and means of ensuring that there is a satisfied workforce. The personnel manager acts as an important link between the management of the organization and employees. This is due to the fact that he or she will be involved in relaying information from one point to the other, and this would mean that there would be a flow of data which can be used to assess the needs of individual employee. If there is the need of additional workforce in certain branches of the organization, it is the personnel manager who would be involved in giving ideas and that would act in a positive aspect. Additionally, the vacancy that comes up in the organization may be in the part of analysis, and not finance, and it would be the role of the manager to identify it. There is also the need of job rotation to ensure that employees are not exposed to boredom due to performing same tasks at the same job. This means that there would be more efficiency in the workplace than it was previously. This is a function that can be performed best by the personnel manager.  In order for there to be smooth flow in a workplace, there is the need of incorporating the manager in terms of the workplace, and this is the role of the employees. This would be the first step in ensuring that the relationship which is created is essential in the running of the business. The handbook that is written by the personnel manager is usually subjected to change with time and with diversification in the needs of the employees. This is where the personnel manager has to come out with new ideas and also function as a leader of some sort. It is, however, noted that the personnel manager would not in any case alter the functions of the C.E.O. as he or she has limited powers over the employees (Bach & Sisson 2000).         

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There are numerous theories that have been put forth to ascertain the roles and needs of personnel managers in a business. A good example is a theory that was put forth by McGregor about management. In theory, the researcher classifies managers in two categories. The first one is the type of manager who is authoritarian and he or she is labeled as X. The second one is an egalitarian manager and is labeled as Y (Bach & Sisson 2000). According to the researcher, the X type of management, which has it roots in the Roman Catholic Church and armed forces institutions, has a centralized decision making point. This, therefore, means that the roles of personnel managers are not recognized. The theories that are employed by such C.E.O.’s are different, but some of the most common ones are:

The average person is always opposed to working and, therefore, he or she will avoid working at all costs possible.

The second assumption is that the human being is always forced to work and he or she is never willing to work hence needs supervision.                    

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Therefore, the authoritarian rule is usually employed in organizations to make sure people work through force and guidance. This strict supervision has been employed in numerous companies and the results have been deadening. This is because the employees are not focused on rewards but rather force and, therefore, they are forced to work on the idea that if they do not work they would be punished (Reddy 2004). This is as opposed to other management theories that are based on rewards. In order to see the effects of this management style, it is imperative to focus on an organization that has employed it and see the resultant effects. Berkshire Hathaway is an international company that deals in diverse needs; the company, however, has been in the limelight in the recent years over the form of the rule that is employed by its C.E.O.  It is noted that in the inception years of the Warren Buffets rule that the company was thriving and through his tenure, the progress has been stagnant. This calls to serve as an eye opener on the authoritarian type of rule in management.               

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The Y theory is also important, and it uses the assumptions that are made by the earlier theory that people are lazy. However, the only difference is that when people are motivated to work, they will be encouraged to come out with productivity. This is as opposed to becoming a dictator. The theory also includes the need that when people are to be motivated they need to have a figure that may be authoritative while at the same time it should be fatherly (Bach & Sisson 2000). This is in fact in the recent years what has led to need of personnel managers. A case example of a company that has employed this technique and succeeded is the Coca-Cola Company. It has numerous personnel managers who work in correlation with management to ensure that the employees are satisfied. This is what has attributed to the growth of the company as was stated by the C.E.O. It is, therefore, in the best interest of the management of the London Taverns Ltd to find ways and means of incorporating a personnel manager to ensure that there  are employer-employee relations. The main duties that the personnel manager will perform that may be assigned to the general manager include:

  1. Classifying jobs of the employees
  2. Preparing their salaries and estimating wages in relation to the costs of living
  3. Disciplining the employees whenever they violate the rules of the workplace
  4. Preparing guidance and counseling sessions for the employees
  5. He or she acts apart of the organization and negotiates with labor unions
  6. The personnel manager is also tasked with the duty of developing the safety standards that should be adhered to by the organization
  7. The benefits of the employees that are not related to the manager of the organization are also directed by the personnel manager
  8. They evaluate the employees and this assessments are important in creating a gauge through which the employer can rate them
  9. The personnel manager is also involved in the development of the personnel in terms of their personality
  10. The other role of the manager is the creation of training programs for the employees of the organization
  11. The other key role is that since the personnel manager is a key person in the organization, he or she is subordinate to the Personnel manager and hence he or she cannot violate the role of the manager

Therefore, in order for an organization to succeed and become noticed it has to employ tactics that are developmental and are practiced by leading organizations. It is for that reason, that the creation of the role of a personnel manager would be essential in positive growth as well as creating a good public impression. The matter of obtaining workforce and ensuring that it is satisfied is complex and requires the participation of different players in the organization; this is where the role of the personnel manager is clearly defined. A healthy relationship with the employees always leads to positive growth in terms of finance and social gains (Reddy 2004). This is an important matter if the organization is willing and is ready to come out with benefits that it cannot realize if it is not goal oriented. A positive social outlook will always create a friendly environment for business in order for it to gain well wishers such that in times of need it will always have people to rely on for help. Human resource management for personnel management is a key faction in any business. All the giant organizations in the world have the human resource management in order to ensure that they are not in any trouble either legal or personal. This is one of the main reasons why any business that is focused on success should always incorporate human resource management and detailed  personnel management.        

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Nature of Personnel Management

The nature of personnel management has many functions. The first and foremost function, which is the key, is development. In development, the personnel manager is tasked with several duties and will always serve to create a positive outlook to the customer, the employee and the employer. This means that the official will have to look at ways and means that will ensure that customers are satisfied and that would mean that he or she will have to come out with ways and means of creating a positive outlook. This means that the manager will have to ensure that the way the employees matters are handled reflect positively n the communication with the customers of the business. This in return will generate goodwill, which is important in maintaining a positive aspect of the business in society. The other key function that the manager is expected to perform is to create a positive outlook to employees; this means that they employees get the best treatment in the organization and hence they will act in its best interest. This in return means a lot to the business as it will gunner more profits and it will be able to expand more. This is one of the visions that the London Taverns Ltd has (Bach & Sisson 2000). Therefore, this serves to show that the way that the employees are treated is important. The main person who can ensure that these changes are effected is the personnel manager. The other person that the personnel manager will act to serve is the C.E.O. of the business or the owner. Due to the interests that the owner of the business has on the corporation, it is the personnel manger who can serve to ensure that he or she has the best in the market. This would in return mean that the business will succeed, and that is the vision of any business leader. This is why the role of the personnel manager cannot be downplayed in any organization.

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The personnel manager is viewed as an extension of the general management of the organization and this is why they are important. A business that does not have a personnel manager is one that is viewed upon as that which has no management as a whole. If the efforts of the workforce are to be fully realized, then it is the work of the personnel manager to come out with ways and means of ensuring it. The human resource mission has been studied in many years and the best way to view it is through the example that was put forth by Dave Ulrich (Reddy 2004). He stated that the goals of human resource management which the personnel manger shares are grouped into four. They are:

  1. Putting together of the business strategy also aligning the human resource
  2. Helping in strategizing the organizational process of the business (towards administration expectations)
  3. Engaging in talks with the employees to ensure that there is employee satisfaction (towards the employee satisfaction)
  4. Managing change in the business (being viewed as a change agent)                   

Therefore, it is important to know that the role the employee plays in the business is important, equally as important as the role which is played by the manager, and the only way to ensure that these two factions are satisfied is through the inclusion of a personnel manager. 


In conclusion, the role of the personnel manager in any business is indispensable and, therefore, the role of management is to ensure that the manager is included in the work area. This is key in ensuring that there is smooth running of the business also in creating good public impression. When the needs of the employees are taken care of, it will mean that a company will not be exposed to many litigable issues, and this would ensure positive growth. However, the main role that the personnel manager plays, which is indispensable, is creating a positive growth to both managers and employees as a whole.



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