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The company chosen in the assignment because of its good strategy for developing cordial relations with clients is the SONY. Indeed, SONY a corporation like any other had its humble beginnings during the 1950s, but because of its cordial relations with the clients, it has been able to become and remain the world's leading manufacturer of electronics, and the fifth largest media conglomerate, worth 77.20 billion US dollars.

Describing and critiquing the company's strategy for developing relationships with its customers

Indeed, SONY has been successful in forging good links with its clients. This is seen especially to be the case succeeding the client- SONY transaction. When purchasing any SONY product, the client is always served with SONY contacts such as SONY's facsimile, telephone number, email address, postal code and even the geographical placement of SONY premises. Thus, making consultations with the corporation by the client, whether prospective or potential made a tractable undertaking.

The communication between the client and SONY is mostly visible, outstanding and mostly exemplary in the event of the already purchased product becoming malfunctional. In this case, the client contacts SONY's premises for further action. The new but malfunctioning product in this case can either be replaced with another, or taken to SONY Service Rooms for repairs freely. This is as far as the product has not exceeded its warranty, chronologically.  Conversely, upon the product having exceeded the warranty, the client is still accorded room to contact the SONY Service Rooms for maintenance. This development far much surpasses the need for marketing strategies as it ensures that the already bought SONY product does not become subjected to vandalism, mishandling or quackery at the hands of unscrupulous electronic service dealers and repairers (Paas, 84).

At the same time, it remains important to recollect that alongside the SONY products and services, comes coupons that are to be filled by clients upon any client- SONY transaction. In the coupons, the clients are able to give their appraisals on SONY products and services, and to freely post them or submit them back. In the wake of any problem that is of greater magnitude, SONY practices the open door policy so that provided the junior staff members are not in a position to handle it, the client is able to access the branch manager, without the need of having secured prior appointments with the manager's secretary. This culture of seeking to remain in constant and cordial communication with the client is one of the chief values that have seen SONY grow in leaps and bounds to become the largest electronic corporation, the world over.

Recommendations for improvements

Lea, Yu and Maguluru (75) point out that in respect to the above culture, it is important that SONY seeks widen its scope of consultations with the clients. Conventionally, and upto the present, SONY has always limited its consultations to after-sales services. This is to the effect that only actual clients (those who have already made purchases) are the only ones who are able to make contributions and views on SONY products. By so doing, without knowing, SONY may be pushing away potential clients away and into the arms of other competitors such as Aiwa, Pioneer, Tatung, Kenwood, Technics and Sanyo, among others.

This is because pegging these consultations to after-sales services cuts away those clients who are interested in certain modifications and models that are not in the local market, and cannot make any purchases of the same, due to the same reason (the inaccessibility and unavailability of the model). In such a case, SONY is bound to remain forever not privy to the dynamics of new demands and modifications that are needed by the market. Therefore, both the potential and actual clients are to be allowed the chance to make consultations without having bought any SONY product, or having procured any SONY services, especially through the use of the present day online social networks.

SONY. Custom SONY Essay Writing Service || SONY Essay samples, help

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